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3 Tech Trends for 2013

posted 27 Dec 2012, 13:59 by Mpelembe   [ updated 27 Dec 2012, 14:00 ]

Old classics get a new twist in 2013.

Reuters Business Report - Trend one: 3D printers will go mainstream.

CNET's Dan Ackerman:


"One of the things I've been really surprised about is how quickly people are getting into the idea of 3D printing . That is, the printer that instead of using ink on paper kind of uses a plastic wire to literally knit things in 3D from plans that you either make yourself or you download from the internet. "

There are new models coming out for the home and prices are expected to drop to under $1,000.

Trend two: Look for the next generation of gaming consoles with new devices from Microsoft's Xbox line and Sony's



"The next generation of gaming consoles is really going to have to up the ante withstreaming media content particularly live TV which is going to require careful dealing with the cable providers and they are also going to move to a more cloud-based system for delivery of content. You won't have to get a physical disk anymore. You'll just download things directly from the cloud."

And three: Marketers are going to amp up their efforts to tap into the second screen--that tablet, phone or computer being used while watching TV. Mashable's Lance Ulanoff:


"You see something that is in your stream that is about the show and it kind of takes you and you are watching that show and you see that product and they are playing with how would you like to buy it if you act now because we know you are watching you get a special deal. So they are going to try to leverage your interest but in a way that is tied directly to the moment and the content. "

Final thing to watch for in 2013: Apple is expected to finally unveil its television, which some say could do for the TV business what iTunes did to the music business.