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5 Reasons Businesses Use A Virtual Server To Power Their Internet Presence

posted 10 Dec 2010, 05:26 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Dec 2010, 05:27 ]

 If you are short on financials then you might want to give
virtual servers a go.  There are different types of VPS's
available, the main ones being Linux virtual servers or
Windows virtual servers.

 Voice servers make lots of use of virtual servers.   Voice
server hosts need to offer services all over the world in
locations such as London and several places in the US.
This makes virtual servers perfect.   For a host, the cost
of dedicated servers in each location is not practical.  A
VPS can be rented at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated

 Virtual hosting is mostly used for web hosting.
Particularly for specialist companies that don't quite need
a dedicated server.   A VPS offers the flexibility in that
you can upgrade when needed and the redundancy of a RAID
array.   A VPS is also ideal if you are hosting only one or
two websites.

The up and coming trend is to use virtual servers for social
media apps. If you use Facebook you will know exactly what I
am talking about.  Facebook applications are used in their
millions.  They cover all activities from managing a virtual
cinema to football team.   Virtual servers are perfect for
hosting these apps.

 Virtual hosting also houses databases.   You should never
have all your eggs in one basket.   Website owners will
often host their database off-site so as to keep their data
safe, and also to decrease the impact in the case of service

 Offsite DNS makes use of virtual hosting technology.  I
recently setup a backup DNS server at the fraction of the
cost.  Our main DNS is hosted onsite, but the secondary
offsite.  In the event our services go offline, we still
have an NS2 that will serve DNS from a different network,
and a different datacentre.  This allows for much better

We have identified the 5 main uses for virtual servers
above.   If we have missed any odd uses, please do let us
know below.

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