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Creating Flash Photo Slideshow To Brighten Up Your Website

posted 5 Oct 2010, 07:44 by Mpelembe   [ updated 5 Oct 2010, 07:46 ]

Imagine you have captured the excitement of your wedding
ceremony, you upload the digital images to your server and
forward the image links to your friends. Don't you think
that it is too dull and boring for your friends to browse
each photo by just clicking the next and previous button?
Have you thought that you can transform the photos into
entertaining Flash image slideshow? With only a click of
mouse to start playing the slideshow, users can conveniently
sit back and enjoy the photos right at the desktop.

Embedding Flash image slideshow to your own blog or website
can increase the popularity and attractiveness of your site,
so many personal users who are wise enough can skyrocket the
traffic using these killer gadgets. By using Flash image
slideshow software, you can create all kinds of Flash
slideshow easily.

There are abundant Flash image slideshow makers offering
user-friendly interface for you to accomplish your goal
without knowing anything about Flash or HTML.

Many Flash image slideshow makers are template-based
program, thus the creation of Flash image slideshow is
definitely easy. All the work can be completed in a matter
of clicks. Moreover, users can add appropriate background
music in conjuction with the slideshow to deliver visual
enhancement. For instance, you can play western wedding song
for the wedding ceremony held in restaurants to match the
theme; a slideshow with narration recorded can also be built
to introduce how to dress well in a party. Title and
description is important for web visitors to know more about
the images, you can insert those information in the Flash
photo slideshow software. You can add text, description,
hyperlink for each picture, and rich text formatting is also
accepted if you would like to use different options to style
the text you entered.

Integration into website or blog is a great advantage and
plus of Flash image slideshow makers. Once a publish button
is clicked, the program will generate a set of embed code to
paste into your website and blogs such as Wordpress, Joomla.
Perhaps you would like to prevent others from accessing your
images, you can set the gallery password-protected so that
only viewers with a password can access to your images. You
can also export the slideshow to a zip folder on your
desktop, then email it to your friends. For those who are
not familar with using Internet, they can burn the slideshow
into a CD as a gift for distribution. When your friends want
to view the elegant photo slideshow, they can simply insert
the CD into the computer and play.

To summarize, creating a personalized slideshow is very
simple and easy. All can be done by handling the settings in
the software interface. The only technological prerequisites
are a camera to take photos, a computer to install slideshow
software, as well as Internet connection to upload the
slideshow. Don't hesitate to try this powerful tool and
start building your stunning slideshow now- it is something
that combines user-friendly interface and the ability to
share photos easily.

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