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Do I Stay - Or Do I Leave Your Website?

posted 18 Sept 2010, 14:16 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 18 Sept 2010, 14:17 ]

What is the first thing someone thinks when they land on your
Sales page? If all they see is hyped-up copy, with an order
now button, are they impressed? No, is the short answer,
they are not.
First impressions are very important. When a reader lands on
your page, they should first see helpful points which are
related to the keywords they entered to get there.

How many sales are lost, from the first impressions that
people get when visiting? In the online world there are ways
to find out the answers. Do an assessment on your incoming
traffic through your webmaster page, and look and see for
yourself.    Ask yourself these questions...How long did
they stay?  What keywords did they use to land there? All of
these specifics should be considered, when optimizing your
Web related sales.

If they did not stay but a few seconds, you can be sure that
the impression they got was either they thought they were in
the wrong place, OR that their viewpoint was that greed for
sales was your number one objective. Not a pretty

However if you make your homepage beneficial to their wants
or needs, YOU will be viewed as helpful...this is the first
thing, you would want visitors to see.

For the more help you are to them, the more likely they are
to stay long enough to find the unique benefits of your
product or service, thus converting traffic into sales.

A VERY small number of "surfers" hit the net thinking to
themselves " I am going to buy something"!  This is the very
reason most fortune 500 (if not all) hire professional Web
Copy writers to write the homepage, as well as content

Professional Copywriters know that the first impression
someone gets from your Sales Page, is very important. It
determines how long someone will stay on your page.

I am not just talking about flash and glitz, I am talking
about their first impression of your sites message; I am
speaking of the MESSAGE conveyed to the readers.

Most people "surf" for information.  Information that is
beneficial and helpful to them. When you give them what they
are looking for, you build trust, and convey to them that
they are more than a wallet or a credit card.

This in turn, will cause them to be all the MORE likely to
buy from you, enjoy the experience, and even go as far as
recommend their friends to you.    Is this way not business
at it's best?  Look at the websites that ARE making snappy
online sales.  Are their homepages a "buy list" with a
shopping cart? Of course not.  There is a good reason for
this...people do not like to feel as though they are being
"pitched.".  However, when your page gives them some help
and benefit, they will often go out of their way to look for
your products and or services, for you have already "sold"
them as a prospect by being a friend.

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