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Does Your Website Make Cash?

posted 6 Nov 2010, 07:54 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 6 Nov 2010, 07:56 ]

A cash making website is one that earns you money every day.
To really maximize your earning potential this website
should give you the opportunity to earn cash in multiple

Let's look closer at how you can develop a cash making

1. Sell instant commission products. There are affiliate
programs that will pay you instantly when a sale is made.

You will need a PayPal account so you can create a PayPal
URL. You then promote these on your website and every time
someone makes a purchase money is deposited directly into
your PayPal account.

Because you do not have to wait to receive your commissions
you will quickly fall in love with these type of products.
This is great for cash flow purposes.

2. A true cash making website should include some Google
Adsense ads. Google pays out hundreds of millions of dollars
in commissions every year to their affiliates for promoting
the Adsense program.

Because you do not have the sell anything to earn a
commission this is easy money. There is a skill to placing
the ads on the pages and Google offers tutorials on how to
do that.

You will make more money every month just by including these
ads on all of your web pages.

3. Cost per action programs are another easy way to make
money. You get paid when your website visitor performs a
specific action.

Again you do not have to sell anything to actually earn
money. There are many good affiliate networks such as Link
Share and Commission Junction you can join to promote CPA

4. ClickBank is the largest digital information provider in
the world. Adding ClickBank products to your web page is
another way to make it a cash generating website.

ClickBank now pays on a weekly basis so you can get your
money very quickly. There are thousands of digital products
you can sell so you can find something that relates to
virtually any niche your Internet business is in.

5. Another way to make a website a cash generating one is to
build an email list. Even if you are not initially selling
something when you get a subscriber's name and email address
you now have the opportunity to sell them something in the

It's a good way to generate repeat traffic because you can
email out offers and send your visitors back to your website
on a continual basis.

These are several good tips on how to generate a cash making
website. The key is to try and make money in as many ways as

About the Author:

Suzanne Morrison is on the staff of the Affiliate Power Group
where they help people learn affiliate marketing. Check out
their free affiliate marketing course if you need help
making money as an affiliate marketer. It offers helpful
tips on doing affiliate marketing the right way to make
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