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Avoid Penalty Of Duplicate Content

posted 13 Sept 2010, 15:19 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Sept 2010, 15:21 ]

We all need content which is relevant to our subject niche
for our Web site. We can find article after article having
good information online. It is not wise to copy and paste
this information onto our Web site and try to pass it off as
our own.

Would not this content be useful to my visitors? You know
that good, clear and concise content is a help to your
visitors, BUT you are not taking into consideration...
search engines are NOT friendly to duplicate content!

When a search engine finds duplicate content (with exception
to catalogs) it often "tags" it as SPAM, and in worse case
events can even have the domain blacklisted!

I understand this is NOT good news to those who "copy and
paste", but know that I expose this in the best interest of
your sales page rank.

Google rewards unique content with a higher ranking, (as
well as other search engines). If someone "copies and
pastes" content from another website, they will find out
very soon that their page rank has suffered. The search
engines have no choice but to do this...They do this to keep
the value, and preserve the integrity of their service.

What to do? Say for instance you have a prosperous website
in one state, and wish to expand your product/service to
another state. Therefore, should someone start all over and
construct another page which promotes exactly the same

No, there are things you can do to make use of the same
content without hurting the status of the original Web site.
One of them is to use links to the original, letting it be
known that you are the same author, setting up shop in
another state.

This way, you will not be penalized, and it will actually
serve you well to use the existing success of a known

People who have copied and pasted others content, and are
trying to pass it as original, are putting their sites
domain at risk. A site could wind up being blacklisted, have
a lawsuit filed against them,  or even face a fine of up to
$250,000! NOT a pretty sight.

The good new is...when you find content that is on target
for your needs, you can use the same basic information as
long as you rewrite it in a way that does not infringe their

Every copywriter "borrows" some information such as facts
and figures found in their research. Their credibility would
plummet if someone doing the same research came across
contradicting figures.

Many of the top e-commerce Web sites have unique content
which helps them maintain a high page rank.
However, most of them hire professional copywriters.

The sites that have duplicate content, who do not suffer are
those who are providing proper credits to the authors, and
have got permission to reprint. (poetry, short story,

To try to get away with plagiarized material, some have
changed around the order of sentences in an article, or
added a few words here and there. This does not work either,
for they would be exposed by the software programs that are
specifically designed to find such content.

If you are trying to establish an honest business with a
huge on-line presence, there is no better way than to have
fresh, unique, content that proves beneficial to your
visitors. If you have contents in your pages the search
engines deem "duplicate" it is best to delete them and start
from scratch!

The giants like Google reward such sites with a much higher
page rank, because it ensures their users will get the best
quality results from searches.

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