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Highly talented Egyptian boy is one of world's youngest web experts

posted 28 Sept 2010, 04:20 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 28 Sept 2010, 04:22 ]

Eleven-year-old Mahmoud Wael is among the region's youngest web designers to become a Microsoft Certification Technology Specialist (MCTS), which recognises technical expertise in IT.

CAIRO, EGYPT. REUTERS - Eleven-year-old Mahmoud Wael shows off his IT knowledge in his home in Cairo, Egypt.

The highly talented young web designer, known to his family and friends as 'Moody,' has not only impressed his family with his web-based skills, but he is a Cisco Certified Network Associate and is a Microsoft Certification Technology Specialist (MCTS).

The MCTS recognises skills in using Microsoft products, and is sought by people looking to become or who are already IT professionals. The exam usually takes two hours to complete, but Moody finished it in around 12 minutes.

He said he's now ready to take his qualifications to the next level by doing an advanced Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) which shows a users ability to work on complex network solutions. It's usually a qualification for people who are support, systems or network engineers.

"I thank God for helping me. I used to dream of getting all of these certificates. I didn't know about the CCNP, I just dreamed of obtaining the CCNA. But now I'm thinking of the advanced CCNP because I have the ability to get it," said Moody.

His certificates make him one of the youngest web experts in the world, and his skills have lead to international organisations and universities offering him opportunities to take his knowledge further. Institutions in the U.S, Canada and Qatar offered him scholarships to study there, but he has decided to stay in Egypt.

Tapping away on his keyboard, Moody said he wants to help others achieve a similar status.

"I want to be a trainer for just one reason, so that there'll be more children (web experts), not just one child, more children. If they like computing, I'll encourage them. It wont be a teacher-pupil relationship, but as friends. So it would be better for their education,'' said Moody.

According to his family, his passion for numeracy started when he was only a toddler, often amazing his father with his ability to calculate difficult sums.

His friends also call him 'Mr. Calculator' due to his mathematical skills.

Moody has attracted a following in the Middle East with his achievements being written about in a number of press outlets.

His father Dr. Wael Mahmoud said it's important for parents to support and find time for their children.

''The problem is that as Egyptians or Arabs our only concern is with our work, but if everyone sacrifices a little for his children, they will achieve so much more,'' said Moody's father.

Moody may have collected a number of certificates demonstrating his web-based intelligence, but the 11-year old is not resting on his laurels. He still brushes up on his knowledge by reading computer literacy books so that he can prepare for his next challenge.