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Facebook Ads Guide - How To Create High Performance Facebook Ads

posted 18 Sept 2010, 14:13 by Sam Mbale

I wanted to take a minute and talk a little bit about
Facebook Ads Guide and what it can do for your business.
First though, let's talk a bit about Facebook marketing in

Facebook marketing is the most untapped trend in Internet
marketing right now.  If you want to get cheap, targeted
traffic to your website, Facebook Ads are the way to go.
They're simple to create.  They're easy to target.  Cost per
click is low.  Best yet, they perform exceptionally well.

As a little FYI - Facebook is the Internet's largest traffic
source in the US, and growing worldwide. In fact, it just
took over the #1 spot - from GOOGLE!  Crazy huh?

So, what does Facebook marketing give you that Google
Adwords or Yahoo Search doesn't?  Cheap, Targeted traffic.

With Facebook, it's extremely easy to set up a campaign and
nail down your ideal customer.  Using Facebook's data
(things like favorite books, location, age, relationship
status, etc) you can pinpoint who needs to see your ads and
monitor the results accordingly.  Unlike Google or Yahoo,
the targeting criteria aren't limited to search queries!

|Now, if you're following along pretty well, great!  If not
though, let me make a recommendation.  Jonathan Volk wrote a
book called 'Facebook Ads Guide' that walks you through the
process, top to bottom.  No matter what your specialty is or
whether you have an experience with Internet marketing, this
book will open your eyes and walk you through the process of
Facebook marketing.

The Facebook Ads Guide covers a lot of ground, but there are
a few sections that really stick out in my mind as being
super beneficial to me.  Those sections include how to set
up your ads, how and why you need to choose your target
market, how to maximize your budget and how to get high
click through rates on your ads.

I love how Facebook Ads Guide is laid out.  It starts with
products and services (which every business has).  Then, it
walks you through how to set up your ad campaign so your
prospects and potential customers see it inside Facebook.
Then it gets to creating ads that everyone wants to click
through, all while reducing your total marketing expense...
It's really awesome.

I'm the sort of person that needs to having things laid out
in a very straightforward, methodical way in order to
actually learn anything.  Facebook Ads Guide does just that.

If that's not enough, Jonathan has some incredible bonuses
that you get in combination with Facebook Ads Guide.  The
bonuses teach you things like how to build your email
marketing list from Facebook, how to do keyword targeting
and how to become a super affiliate with Facebook marketing.

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