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Five Must-Know Aspects of Local Search Marketing

posted 8 Nov 2010, 08:34 by Sam Mbale

Because of the internet, more business opportunities are
available to firms and companies.  It's increasingly popular
for organizations to make the Internet part of their
marketing plans. We now see multitudes of websites
showcasing and promoting many products and services. While
designing web sites for selling their products, many small
business enterprises ignore the power of local search
marketing. Here are a few essential things you should know
about local search marketing for local business:

Many people prefer to search for businesses online instead
of using their local Yellow pages

Advertising within the yellow pages is effective, but will
cost a good amount of money. For small businesses who want
to make the most out of the advertising investments they
make, researchers suggest that information seekers,
prospects and shoppers are turning to the Internet instead
of the more traditional material like the yellow pages. In
point of fact, according to a recent study, nearly 850
million searches were made in just one month while nearly 30
billion local searches are estimated annually based on 2009
results. Another significant inference made was that as a
result of the searches, almost 50% of the local searchers
ended up visiting a local business. These prospects' use of
the Internet at a higher frequency is turning local searches
into an opportunity and a viable marketing tool for small

It helps the business to directly go after prospects in
close proximity

It's easier for small businesses to reach local markets
today due to changes in search engine marketing and consumer
behavior. This new found focus has turned the Internet into a
very viable and extremely effective way of marketing to
potential new customers and specific groups of people that
fall into a defined customer profile.

You can employ experts to do search marketing for your

Many business leaders may not be in favor of changing their
current business structure or marketing strategies or they
may have trouble comprehending the strategies and concepts
involved in local search engine marketing. Luckily, there
are professionals and specialists for hire who will be happy
to give you a hand.

We have mainly three search engine providers

Presently the three leaders in the area of search engines
are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Over 70 percent of the market for
local searches is controlled by these three search engines.
To aim toward improving a website's visibility and
popularity, you need to depend on doing a local search
engine marketing report. You should remember these three
things when you advertise for your business to improve
rankings for keywords and link popularity.

Smaller local search engine players can be an effective

Some small search engines not as frequently used as Google,
Yahoo and MSN are also present. However, these can be a more
effective alternative to search marketing, especially if your
business is playing in a highly competitive keyword field.
The results given by the smaller search engines are more
accurate and economical compared to bigger search engines.

The Internet is evolving to become a very diverse tool.
Business entrepreneurs and local businesses should learn to
adapt and utilize this technology to reap its many benefits.

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