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Fuji Unveils Smart Walking Stick Prototype For The Elderly

posted 4 Mar 2013, 13:23 by Mpelembe   [ updated 4 Mar 2013, 13:24 ]

Next Media - Fujitsu displayed prototypes of its Fuji’s Next Generation Cane at last week’s Mobile Congress in Barcelona. Designed for the elderly, the smart walking stick is equipped with a large contoured plastic grip with an LED display and heart rate monitor; wireless connectivity via GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, cellular connectivity, and humidity and temperature sensors.

The cane can be programmed with a walking route and displays directions and other information on its LED screen. Relatives and friends track the user remotely via computer and program alternative routes into the cane if the weather becomes too hot or user becomes tired and needs to find a place to rest. The cane can also contact emergency services with the cane’s GPS coordinates if the built-in heart monitor detects a dramatic rise or fall in the user’s heart rate.