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Google Glass Plays Music

posted 12 Nov 2013, 10:03 by Mpelembe   [ updated 12 Nov 2013, 10:04 ]


Reuters Business  Report - Music to your ears, but music for your glasses? Those high-tech specs Google sells called Glass will now offer millions of tracks. The New York Times reports that Google's new feature will let Glass users search for songs, scan playlists and hear music --- all by voice command. And to make it audible, Google's introducing earbuds customizable in four colors.

The Times says these added features could help plug Google's music selections such as its music subscription service.

Google is also beefing up its mobile phone lineup. The Wall Street Journal says Google's Motorola unit will introduce a relatively low-cost smartphone, the Moto G, on Wednesday.

It says the new phone will be cheaper than the $260 version that leaked out over the weekend on Amazon's UK site. The move risks riling fellow phone makers using Google's Android operating system.

The news comes just one day after Motorola halved the price of its high-end predecessor, the Moto X, which has had disappointing sales.