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Your Company On Google - What Are Backlinks And How Do They Help In Local Business Online Marketing

posted 13 Dec 2010, 04:53 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Dec 2010, 04:54 ]

Do you want your website to rise to the top of the search
engines? Well I think that is something that we all want
isn't it? There are a lot of ways to do this but one of the
best ways is to build good backlinks to your site. Now you
might not know what backlinks are so let me explain. Well I
am glad you asked because today I am going to tell you
exactly that!

Backlinks are nothing more than inbound links to a
particular site. What I mean is that they are a link to your
site from someone else's site. The number of people who link
to you is considered very important by the search engines.
Search engines in general are looking for fresh relevant

When they see that lots of other sites found your site
important enough to link to, they figure you must be fresh
and relevant.

Backlinks not only give your site relevancy in the eyes of
the search engine, but in addition they give your site one
more avenue to find visitors. The sites that link to you are
a portal so to speak sending traffic your way through the
link. The more of these you have out there obviously the
more traffic you can expect.

So what do you do if you are a brand new site and no one is
knocking down your door to backlink you. Well this is very
common and luckily there is an answer. Sites like Squidoo
and HubPages are places that you can make easy to build
content sites of information that backlink to your website.

With these sites you can put up a little information and a
link to your site. You have made two things happen at once.
You have created, yet another place on the web people can
find info about your product or service and you have
established a backlink.

Using backlinks used to be the only means of going from site
to site on the net prior to search engines. When we couldn't
search, via search engines, all we could do was "surf" from
one site to the next using the links they gave us. Now
backlinks are used mainly for search engine optimization.
You can use backlinks to drive traffic to your site and also
to allow the search engines like Google to rank you higher
than your competition. This technique will help you get to
number one on Google.

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