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Google AdSense Secrets- How Do You Set Up AdSense Ads the Right Way to Make Money Online?

posted 4 Sept 2010, 09:10 by Mpelembe   [ updated 4 Sept 2010, 09:11 ]

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn money from
your website or blog. Google serves ads to your site based
on it's content. Which means the ads are relevant and more
people click on them. You earn a percentage of what the
advertiser pays per click and the rest goes to Google.

How do you set up AdSense ads on your website? Search
"Google AdSense" in Google and follow the prompts to set up
your account. They will usually approve your account quite

Set up the ads Once inside, go to the "AdSense Setup" tab.
Click "AdSense for content" to set up text or image ads.
There are many types of ads you can create but let's keep it
simple, and just stick to image and text ads since these are
what you will you use a lot more than the other ad formats.

When you click "AdSense for content", check the "ad unit"
option. This allows you create an ad that either shows as
text (as you see to the right) or as an image, or both.

Stick to text ads here (select "text ads only") as these
have been proven to get the highest numbers of clicks.
Click "continue".

Select the format The format of the ad is the size and shape
of the ad. To view available formats, click the "ad formats"
options. If you check the drop down box for ad formats to
the right, you will see "Recommended" these are the ads that
have been proven to do well (especially the 336x280 format).

Select the colours These should match your website. So If
you have black text on a white background (always the best
colour combination for a site), choose title: 0000FF (the
default colour), background: white, text: black, URL: black.

This colour combination (where the ad blends into the site)
has been proven to get the most clicks.  You can see, the
title is the colour you normally see for URLs so that
someone knows to click on the ad because it looks like a

Select the font The font i usually use is verdana, medium
since it is easier to read. Leave the rest of the options as
they are and click "continue". This next part is quite
important. This is where you set up channels. Channels allow
you to label each ad unit so can see which get the most

Why is this important? When you know that a particular ad
performs well in a particular position, you know you have a
winning formula and can use it more often to increase your

Add a channel Click "add a new channel" here and name your
ad something meaningful that will distinguish it from your
other ads i.e. ", 336x280, top right". Click
"continue". Use this same label as the AdSense unit name.

Get the ad code and paste it on your site Click "Submit and
get code". Take this code and paste it wherever you want it
to appear on your website or blog. Search "Google heat map"
to find the best places to place ads on your site. It will
take around 10 minutes for your new ad to show on your site.
And that's all there is to it.  Summing up This article takes
you through the main options you have in AdSense. There are
of course, many others. But the text ads are the ones that
will earn you the most of your revenue. Images don't perform
quite as well.

The best way to get your revenue up is to test the Google
recommended ad formats in different positions. Track your
results with channels, improve and keep making improvements
say every 2 weeks (if you have a high traffic site).

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