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Google CEO to close optimistic IFA

posted 6 Sept 2010, 12:43 by Mpelembe

The Berlin consumer electronics trade fair IFA is celebrating its largest ever show, in what organisers say is a mark of growing confidence in the sector.
 GERMANY-IFA TECH CLIMATE - Europe's largest consumer electronics show IFA is having its largest ever show. This in its 50th edition, thanks in part to a decision to add home appliances to the trade fair in 2008. Back then, there were serious concerns about how the economic environment would affect the consumer electronic industry, but Executive Director Jens Heithecker says this show reflects a growing confidence within the sector.

Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director saying:

"This year we see a boom for IFA. We have 22 percent more exhibitors in this show."

That optimism is echoed in this hall.

Panasonic's European chief executive Laurent Abadie says production of 3D TVs is being boosted after demand far exceeded the company's expectations.

 Laurent Abadie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Panasonic saying:

"We had ambitious target but demand was much higher than our expectations. Our target this year is to achieve 50 percent market share of 3D TVs in Europe this year."

Samsung is looking to take on Apple's iPad with its first tablet computer, the Galaxy Tab, which is smaller but will be more expensive than Apple's tablet. Samsung Spokesperson Soon Ok Kim highlights what she considers to be its relative strengths.

 Soon Ok Kim, Samsung Spokesperson saying

"First, portability. Second, it has a camera on it."

It also has phone functionalities. The device uses Android software from Google.

The search giant's chief executive Eric Schmidt is scheduled to give the closing keynote speech.

Expectations are high, even if IFA organizers don't know exactly what to expect.

The European market for IT products rose 4 percent in the first half according to market research firm Gfk, which is predicting the positive trend will continue for the rest of 2010.

Matt Cowan, Reuters.