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Google Instant Means The End Of SEO

posted 13 Sept 2010, 03:23 by Mpelembe

At first glance, Google's new Instant Search system could
mean a major change in how web surfers look for information
on the net. Instead of typing a search query into Google and
then hitting return, and waiting  for a directory of results,
Googlers  now see a dynamic  list of results as they type.
Google considers this a positive step forward in the
developemt of searching. Google claims this new style of
response will save between two and five seconds per search
query. That potentially means 11 hours are saved every
second. but does anyone other than Google really care?

The internet marketing community, however, has not been very
enthusiastic about Google instant.. SEO consultants, who try
to get sites listed towards the top of Google's organic
search rankings, and SEMs, who battle for their clients'
sites to be placed near the top of Google's Adwords
Sponsored Listings, have been blogging and tweeting as if
amagedon is here.

The SEO community is paranoid at the very best of times, and
perhaps with good cause as: a small change in the Goolge
algorithm  can determine the future of many webistes. In
this case, however, the reaction is not required,
essentially the results are similar, the only real change is
that you can see potential results of each word as you type
it in, so if you are typing in 'Italian restaurant' you will
notice everything Italian before getting to the restaurant
results and then you need to include your location unless
you are very flexible about your travel arrangements, so in
fact long tail key phrases are far from dead.

So this time around the latest Google scare is 'much a do
about nothing' or could it be? there is no denying that
Google's original innovation in search transformed how the
net worked making the business of finding stuff much quicker
and much simpler. It also created a huge market - one Google
still dominates - that allowed companies to offer us things
according to what we had keyed in that box. and all was
well, for a while.

But something happened. Social networking, social media,
whatever you want to call it... suddenly, content was coming
right at us, without us even looking for it. We couldn't
escape it. Several hyperactive egotists in each community
began curating content and spewing it out to their friends.
People were sharing photos, stories and links and we found
that individuals were spending less time foraging around for
things and more and more time sitting back and letting it
wash over us.

Fast forward to 2010, and we're being assaulted by more
stuff than we are able to possibly consume. Facebook,
Twitter and email are shovelling pictures and video down our
throats more and more quickly. Feedback loops enabled by
sharing and retweeting functions signify each of us has now
changed into an over-sharer as well as an over-consumer. If
you are not confused and over loaded with information, you
soon will be.

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