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Guest Blog Posting Vs Article Marketing

posted 19 Oct 2010, 15:17 by Sam Mbale

Since economic resources are scarce and not limitless, one
has to make choices according to one's scale of preference
in order to allocate scarce economic resources amongst
competing alternative uses.This is the genesis of the
comparison between Article Marketing and Guest Blog Posting.

From basic economics, opportunity cost is the real cost of
anything in the sense of the alternative forgone.

In the light of the above, since resources, in this case
time and money to be spent is not limitless and has so many
competing uses, the internet marketer has to schedule these
resources between Guest Blog Posting and Article Marketing
amongst all other internet marketing strategies.

Since both are effectively substitutes and aim to achieve
the same objectives of gaining backlinks and traffic, the
comparison becomes more relevant.

The question often arises as to which of these two
strategies is a better option.

My answer to this question is very simple. Start by
identifying which objectives each of these options aim to
achieve and identify which of the two achieves these
objectives better.

Guest Blog Posting in almost all cases require shorter
articles but in more cases, very original in nature.

Secondly, the guest blogger quite often gets one or may be
two links for each article he gets published on the host
website.It is unlikely such guest posts will get republished
all over the internet but in most cases will only reside on
that hosting website.

Some guest blog posting is done free but ironically? some
sites require you to pay before you can guest post.

I say ironically, because as you will see in my analysis and
final conclusion to this article, i would even consider
greatly whether it is worth my while to guest post not to
talk of being asked to come and make payment to do this.

They call them by different names to cover up the true
intent of such schemes e.g. link building mechanisms.

Such schemes only end up being of greater benefit to the
hosting website since content is being supplied to them and
being paid for at the same time.

Now to a comparison with Article Marketing

In Article Marketing, the major snag is that you have to
write a longer article of about a minimum of 400 words.

Ordinarily, the article should be original. Note that i use
the words "ordinarily should be original" contrary to when i
was referring to Guest Posting when i used the words "very

This is because article spinners and article leverage tools
are now the "in-thing" in article syndication such that it
is questionable to refer to such articles as "very

However, once written and syndicated, each article can be
distributed to the entire network of article directories of
an article syndication service or an article submitting
software and with each article entitled to have about two
backlinks each pointing to the author's website, then you
can multiply out the number of backlinks each article will
produce in comparison to the just one or two, of the Guest

These backlinks and accompanying traffic generated through
article marketing now even goes viral when the articles
begin to be republished from the original article
directories the article syndication service or article
submitting software syndicates the articles to.

Do you now see why i made the earlier statement that i will
even think greatly before accepting to guest post for free
not to talk of being asked to make payment to guest post.

To me, except the hosting website is a very high traffic
website and/or high authority website (with very high PR), i
do not think it is worth the while, depleting scarce
resources of time and sometimes money on such strategies
(Guest Blog Posting) given their opportunity cost in terms
of the alternative foregone (article marketing) since one
will definitely impact the other in terms of the volume you
are able to churn out.

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