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How to Resolve a Corrupt File

posted 26 Sept 2010, 03:47 by Mpelembe   [ updated 26 Sept 2010, 03:48 ]

Have you ever went to open a file on your computer only to
receive an error message instead of the folder and its
contents? Corrupted files can happen to anyone, but that
sure does not make them any less annoying. A lot of times,
when an individual receives an error message regarding a
corrupt file they give it up for lint. Instead of trying to
solve the problem with the file, they just chalk it up as a
lost cause. However, you no longer have to do that. It is
possible to get passed the annoying error message regarding
the file.

Fixing a corrupt file can be done by just about anyone
thanks to registry clean up scans. A registry clean up scan
is a scanning procedure of your computer's entire registry.

- The scan will go through the entire registry until it
locates the file that is corrupted.

- When the file is located, the registry clean up scan will
prompt the computer user of the find.

- The prompt provided by the computer will provide crucial
details regarding the file and the problem with the file.

- You can choose to resolve the problem with the corrupt
file through various different ways. How you choose to fix
the problem is entirely up to you.

- Most registry clean up programs will provide you with a
brief understanding of what each choice means and how it
will effect the computer. This will allow you to choose the
choice that is best for you and your computer.

You do not need to worry about manually going through the
registry since the scan of the registry is an automated
scan. There is an option to manually scan the computer's
registry but that option is reserved for individuals who
have an extensive knowledge of computers.

There is no need to panic about knowing whether or not you
are making the right choice since the vast majority of
registry clean up scanning programs will provide you with a
brief bit of information regarding your solution options.
You can read over your options and determine what each
option will mean for your computer and that particular file
and base your decision off of that. There is no need to be a
computer expert with this program. It is easy enough that a
person with a limited knowledge of computers can operate the
program. All you have to do is take some action !

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