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How to Research Keywords Right the First Time to Save Yourself a Lot of Time & Money

posted 4 Sept 2010, 09:29 by Mpelembe   [ updated 4 Sept 2010, 09:30 ]

When you're looking to promote a product or service online,
one of the first things you do is research how many people
are searching for whatever you want to promote.

You get these search volume numbers by doing your keyword
research. But there are (as always) different people telling
you so many different things.

So how do you know which tools to use and how to use them?
So you don't end up wasting time and money on your marketing
efforts? Find out below...

Here are the keyword research tools i'd use to get ideas for

Your brain: Think about what your potential prospect would
type into Google to find your product or service and write
these ideas down.

The google keyword suggestion tool: Type your ideas into
this tool and see what comes up. To get full functionality
of this tool, you will need to open a Google Adwords
account. It costs just £5 but you won't need to run any ads.
This keyword tool is completely free to use and is still the
best keyword research tool in my opinion.

There are so many keyword tools out there but when you think
about it, you will be getting most of your traffic from
Google, so where better place to see what people are
searching for? Google of course, since the data is actually
based on real searches.

Type your keyword in at the top, select your country and
language then hit search. You will get a list of keyword
ideas below. You can expand on each of these keywords by
drilling down further by searching again using just that
keyword. You can also search by your category to the left if
you have no keyword ideas.

Which keywords should you choose? This depends on the type
of traffic generation method you use.

For Pay Per Click If you are using pay per click advertising
then the highly searched keywords (see the local search
volumes column) usual have a high cost per click (see the
average CPC column). So look for a keyword with 1000+
searches per month that also has a average CPC that you can

For Search Engine Optimization If you'll be doing search
engine optimization (SEO) for traffic, you will find that
the highly searched and best keywords to make money with
also have the most competition which means it will be
tougher to get a ranking in Google for those.

If you go for a keyword with a search volume of 1000 local
monthly searches and a competition figure of 5000 competing
sites or under, you'll have a much better chance of getting
a ranking.

You can check the competition by typing your search phrase
into Google in quotes ("") and checking the figure just
under the search field. A more accurate way to check
competition is by using the adwords preview tool. Search for
it in Google and you'll find it.

This tool helps you get the exact competition figures in
each country. So for me (based in the UK), I can search the
keyword in quotes and see what the competition figures are
in my target country i.e. the US. If i did the same search
on Google UK, i would get a different figure.

For article marketing I would find the keywords with the
most search volume and again, a low competition figure (5000
competing sites or under). Use those keywords in the title
and body of your articles around 1-2% (1-2 times per 100

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