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How To Send Mass Messages Through Facebook

posted 12 Sept 2010, 04:07 by Mpelembe   [ updated 12 Sept 2010, 04:08 ]

The very first thing we're going to do is go to your Events
section within your Facebook account. Click on the "Create
Event" link on the top. Add a catchy title for your message
and keep the Network marked as: "Global" for maximum

Enter in the event type and your description/message.

Choose a date a month ahead of time so that the event will
not pass by too quickly and show up for some time ahead.

Make sure that you keep the rest of the default settings to
ensure maximum exposure.

Click on "Create Event" to continue.

The next step is to upload a photo (something that will
capture your users attention) but something that goes along
with the theme of your message.

After uploading your photo, ask all of your contacts to join
the event by clicking on all of their names (in the
pre-created menu) and they will automatically be added to
your mailing list. After your list is ready, click on the
"Send Invitation" button.

Now, go back to your Events page and click on the event that
you just created. You will see all of the information you
just entered. Now, click on the "Message All Guests" link
that is located under the photo that you just uploaded.

Make sure that the "Attendees" section is set to all.

You can now message the entire list, by clicking on the
"Send Message" link. It will show you a preview of the
message that you just sent to your entire list, upon

When your friends arrive in their Facebook inbox they will
see a preview of your message with the photo that you've

This technique is a powerful one!

Last Minute Traffic Tips

Tip #1: Install the ETHER Application.

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Tip #2: Install Chatterbox, an application that allows voice
over protocol on Facebook. This will allow you to talk online
using your microphone, at no cost (saves money on long
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Tip #3: Use the "Sponsor Me" Application.

The Sponsor Me application can be used to collect money for
charity events, community projects, birthday presents, or
just a "tip" box. You can create a Campaign easily and let
people send you money with just one click.

Similar to: Tip Jar Application |

Tip #4: Lemonade Stand

The Lemonade Stand Application makes it fun and easy for you
to make money with Facebook. Simply create your Lemonade
Stand, recommend things that you like and make money with
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# Applications are free-ware and should never cost you
anything to implement or use.

I hope you have enjoyed the Facebook Traffic Guide and that
you enjoy your journey into the world of social community

It's a fun and effective way to create new networks or
continuing to expand existing ones.

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