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How To Understand Squidoo

posted 6 Sept 2010, 13:06 by Mpelembe   [ updated 6 Sept 2010, 13:08 ]

There are many Web 2.0 sites encouraging users to place their
full content on the site and share it with others. To
understand how works, you first must understand
it is different from most traditional sites. allows users to create lenses, web pages with
the intent of pointing users to information on the Web.

What this means is users create portfolios that contain
information or links to tools, links, feedback or other
information on the Web.

Users can earn money while doing so, all while sharing
information about a topic with others so people can spend
less time searching for the information they need on the

Here are some examples of lens content available on

- Lists containing tips for increasing traffic to your site.
- Module tricks, or information about creating modules on
the Web.
- Ebook lenses.

Consider Squidoo a shortcut to getting your website or other
information on the Web noticed quickly by search engine
crawlers. It is also another tool providing an excellent
platform for increasing your credibility and professionalism
on the Web.

Here is how simple it is to start a lens on Squidoo:

1. Register for an account. It's free, anyone can do it.
2. Follow the step-by-step instructions for creating your
lens page.
3. Add relevant content to your page to increase your visits
and your page ranking.

When building your lens, you DO want to provide visitors
with relevant content and information about the subject you
are promoting.

While Squidoo is an excellent tool for self-promotion, if
you just log in and create an "advertisement" lens with no
relevant content or information to share with visitors, your
page is not likely to attract many visits.

This contrasts a bit with what we stated earlier. We said
Squidoo is not a "content" oriented site.

Understand that it is not a "just" a content-based site in
the sense that you will not create pages and pages of
information about a topic you are passionate about.

What you will do is provide basic and interesting
information, and links to relevant and helpful content for

What We've Learned

You can and should provide relevant and original material on
your lens page, content users will eagerly seek out. You can
provide content in many ways. For example, some users feed
their blog posts into their lens page using an RSS feed.

This provides frequent and updated content to your lens page
without much effort.

You can also post articles to your lens on a rotating basis.
Many times, savvy users will post the introduction to
articles on their lens page, then link to the full article
located somewhere else, like on their website or on their

Key to understanding Squidoo's utility is the fact that
Squidoo prides itself on being an Internet community.

It is a gathering place where visitors travel to so they can
build relationships using their lenses.

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