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I've Built It, Why Aren't They Coming?

posted 13 Sept 2010, 13:34 by Mpelembe

You've built the website, you've tagged and metatagged it and
you still aren't getting the traffic you desire. Well that's
because people have paid for ads and rankings and you
haven't. Yes, that does stink. There is something you can do
about it, though.

You can sign on to Google, Yahoo or any number of pay per
click advertisers and set up your own online ad. Most of
them allow you to decide a maximum of daily advertising
dollars so you don't have to worry about waking up to a ten
million dollar bill one morning. The sites are easy to use
and allow you to get started immediately. The ads are
focused around keyword usage, so picking the correct words
is key to a success. Pick the right words you will see
customers pouring in, pick the wrong ones and you hear
crickets chirping.

When building your ad you may want to keep the following in

- Think beyond your company or competitors name as the

- Listen to how people actually talk and use those words

- Use the suggestion tools provided—Google and Yahoo
both have keyword generators that will help you find the
right words for your ad

- Be unique, don't use all the same search terms as your

- Broad search terms aren't always useful, if you can refine
yours do it

- Think of common misspellings—after all, not
everyone's perfect

- Don't keep repeating terms, you won't fool the search

- Don't spam—you can actually get banned if you throw
everything but the kitchen sink into the ad.

Keywords are important to the ads success, but so is the
engine of record. Google is the largest search engine on the
Internet with Yahoo as its close competitor. If you can
afford Google you may wish to go that route, but Yahoo is an
acceptable alternative. Don't be fooled by Facebook's ad
program and sign on there just because it is a popular
destination. You will get farther on Facebook by having a
well-liked "page" than you will using their PPC ads.

If you want to try something different than make a video ad
and put it on Youtube. In fact, Youtube is the next pay per
click marketing horizon. Its search engine is actually the
number two engine for sheer quantity of searches and they
allow the same PPC services as their parent company,
Google—in fact, the build-it-yourself tool is modeled
from Googles. The only difference is that instead of the
same boring blue and white ad you see on Google your users
get to watch a mini video. Much more fun and exciting.

Lastly, build all of these same keywords into your website.
You want to reflect the same word choices in your content
and meta tags. If the terms are truly relevant then you will
absolutely be able to fit them neatly into the content of the

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