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Local Business Marketing - Local Companies Want to Get Listed On Google

posted 25 Nov 2010, 17:20 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Nov 2010, 17:21 ]

Do you want your small local business to rank at the top of
the search engines so that you can get more business? Most
small businesses have a website, but very few of them know
how to draw traffic to their websites. Without people
visiting a website its basically worthless. If you have to
spend money advertising to get people to your site that kind
of defeats the purpose too.

Without people visiting a website it is nothing but a fancy
and very expensive brochure. So how do you get traffic to
your site and convert that traffic into customers at your
place of business. Here are three simple ideas to get you
started. These simple steps may seem basic, but they are not
used by the majority of people who are marketing themselves
online. The reason I use them is because they work!

The very first thing you need to do is start a blog. Blogs
rank very highly in the search engines, much higher than
traditional websites. Every time you post to a blog it gives
you a ranking for the keywords that you use. I recommend a
WordPress blog, just because it is the easiest to maintain
and the one that Google seems to like the most.

When you use a blog you will see that very quickly you will
be ranking very highly with the search engines. Write about
three posts a week and within a few weeks you will be
appearing very high in the rankings.

Create an opt-in page where people give you their name and
email address. From a page like this you are able to begin
building a list of customers that you can send offers to. A
list is a very powerful way to market yourself as a small
business. The bigger your list the more business you can
drum up just by marketing a special offer to it.

Get active on social media. Facebook and Twitter are an
absolute must for small business today. Now by this I don't
mean the Facebook page you have for your family and friends.
I mean one dedicated to your business, preferably what they
call a fan page because it allows you unlimited followers
(regular FB accounts cut you off at 5000).

When you start marketing yourself online it can be a bit of
an uphill battle. Take your time and do it correctly and it
will pay off in the end. Many businesses have used their
online web presence as a way to double or triple their
profits. You can be one of those businesses!

About the Author:

Selling your services online can seem very daunting. I work
as a professional advisor to small businesses to help them
be effective in marketing themselves online. For free
information on other tricks and tips you can use to get your
small business ranked higher in the search engines visit my
blog at Local Business