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Why It Is Better To Have Multiple Twitter Accounts

posted 13 Sept 2010, 11:48 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Sept 2010, 11:49 ]

Twitter is an extraordinary social media tool right now.  It
is a wondrous way to grow your Real Estate business if you
are an investor.  Unfortunately many people go about it the
wrong way, and find themselves not having the ability to
fully use the power of twitter.

Some people believing in quantity and not quality of
followers.  This is where the problem starts.  People rush
to create twitter accounts and want everyone to follow them.
 They do not care what the audience is of their account; they
just want more and more followers.  Some people justify this
with the fact that many times sales are a numbers game.  The
more people, the better chance you have of more business.
This can create a false sense of security with your twitter

One of the best ways to use twitter as a Real Estate
Investor is to be a lot more organized.  It is OK to have
several twitter accounts! There are many tools online that
will help you access them all so you can update them with
ease.  Some of the tools today you will not even realize
they are all separate accounts.

You need to think of your target audience.  You can have a
twitter account for every type of Real Estate you do.
Whether you do wholesale, retail, rent to own, commercial,
or landlords you should give them each their own accounts.
You could even break your target audience into those that
are motivated to sell, probate, foreclosures, short sales,
etc.  This is a convenient way to organize your different
groups and that way when you do different campaigns you will
know exactly who you are targeting.  This will give you a lot
more control, and you know you are reaching the people you
intended to reach.

If you are a virtual investor that invests all over the
country, or in different parts of the country you can target
the different areas.  Use one account for New York, another
for California, etc.  When you have a property in New York,
you will reach those seeking property in New York, and not
spam your Californian audience.

When your followers see that your tweets pertain to them,
they will become more interested in you.  You will be able
to build the solid relationships that will help you to take
your business to new heights.  Network marketing through
social media relies heavily on the relationships you can
build.  People are more likely to trust you and watch for
your tweets.

Whether you have 3 accounts or ten accounts do not get
caught up in the numbers.  Being organized with your twitter
accounts, and reaching the people who you intend to reach is
what is most beneficial.  One account targeting everything
and anybody can lead to chaos and more energy wasted then
necessary.  You could have 79,000 followers but how many of
those are interested in real estate?  How many are even in
your part of the world?

It is extremely valuable to do your research and know what
type of target audience you need, then reach out and touch
that audience.  Staying organized and on top of your twitter
accounts will help to ensure you get the results you desire!

There was one web-based application I'd use to manage my
multiple Twitter accounts, it would be Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is easy to configure, and lets you monitor your
different streams, in separate tabs. Checking the streams,
replies and direct messages for each Twitter account
requires you to switch to that account by clicking its tabs.
Even if that is within the same browser window, Hootsuite
does not allow you to combine all streams into one single
overview, as Seesmic Air does.

There are several features I like in Hootsuite, which I did
not find in other tools: You can schedule a tweet, to be
broadcasted at a later time, and it allows you tweet the
content of an RSS feed. Each time a new item appears in the
RSS feed, a new tweet will be broadcasted. A feature which
is similar to what Twitterfeed or offer, but nicely
integrated into the one single Twitter tool.

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