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New Sony Playstation 4 Goes On Sale In Berlin

posted 28 Nov 2013, 15:14 by Mpelembe   [ updated 28 Nov 2013, 15:15 ]

Sony's new PlayStation 4 goes on sale in Berlin amid much hype and anticipation.

 BERLIN, GERMANY (NOVEMBER 28, 2013) (REUTERS) -  Hundreds of gamers lined up at the Sony Centre in Berlin on Thursday (November 28) to get their hands on the new Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4). With the console Sony is expecting to kick-start a revival of its consumer electronics business.

Sony said that in the first 24 hours of its launch in New York last week (November 15) after it was available in the United States and Canada, it had sold 1 million units of its gaming console.

In Berlin, Beriwan Wenzke was the lucky one who was first to get her hands on the much coveted game console. It was a Christmas gift for her husband, she told the journalists, and she could not believe her luck.

"It is incredible to be the first," she said. "There are so many people here. And just to be the first - it is incredible."

Anticipation is high because it's the first major upgrade in years. Sony's new console boasts more realistic graphics than its predecessor, faster processors, and the ability to share game experiences on social networks.

"You don't need a PC anymore or laptop or so," said gamer Gurkem Ergun. "Well, and for playing: great graphics...."

Paul Grohnert agrees: "Well, the graphics is very cool. And the controller I like as well. It is really cool. I am very impressed, especially by the graphics."

Although the PS4 is priced at 400 euros - 100 euros less than the competitive game console by Microsoft, real Sony- and PlayStation-fans are not deterred by the hefty price tag as Gurkan Keneci told Reuters: "Yes, certainly. Maybe not today, but when it come out in earnest, I will buy it."

Sony Corp had previously announced it had received more than 1 million advance orders for the console. Still, the initial sales figures are Sony's first salvo in a battle brewing with Microsoft Corp's Xbox One console. Sony is also hoping its console can help build a platform for recovery at the Japanese company's money-losing consumer electronics operations.

Sony is aiming to sell 5 million PS4 units by the end of its fiscal year that ends on March 31.

The launch comes amidst slow sales for an industry that now also competes against smartphones, tablets, and social networks like Facebook and Zynga.