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Privacy Concerns Still There With Google Glass

posted 30 Jan 2014, 09:38 by Mpelembe   [ updated 30 Jan 2014, 09:39 ]


Reuters Market Access Video - QUESTION:

In your opinion, as they go mainstream, is this something that people will just wear all the time or is it something kind of like sunglasses where you just wear them all the time? Maybe you get those- the lenses that go over your glasses. I mean, is this going to be just permanently- people will have these and be clicking away pictures, like you were sneaking, taking pictures of me while we were setting up?

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I wasn't sneaking. But you know, it's a very important point. These are not welcome everywhere. Google Glass, for as cool as they are and all the information they give, it's a video camera, it's still a camera. And you know that there was a guy who just pulled out of a movie theater because he was wearing his Google Glass in there. He had turned them off but he's so used to wearing them, and they are on all the time. And like, "No, you can't have that in here." You're going to wear them when it's appropriate. See, you're going on an exciting trip and you want to give your friends a first person view of what it's like to climb up this mountain or to see Disney World for the first time through your eyes, that's what you can do with this. But like sunglasses, there are going to be times when it's not going to be appropriate to wear them. So even though you can get prescription glasses with these, I imagine that you will still have another pair of prescription glasses that don't have Google Glass on them.


This doesn't get rid of privacy concerns, hacking concerns, right? I mean, those issues are still there.


Yeah. The technology has not changed tremendously, although it is constantly morphing, bit by bit. There are little updates that Google delivers, it still works with your phone, you get new apps all the time. So nothing about this deal changes any of that and nothing about how it works fundamentally, the way it's always connected to the Internet or some sort of data steam, that doesn't change, in a way that some people will feel it's an invasion of privacy because you don't know if the person looking at you is taking your picture. Although, to be fair, if I had this on right now and I turned it on, you would see. You'd see that little light up, you know. You can see that there's something on there right now. And that's the way that you know that someone has turned the thing on.