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Quincy Jones launches ‘Q’ headphones

posted 3 Sept 2010, 15:04 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 3 Sept 2010, 15:06 ]
The venerable music producer who has helped shape the sounds of many of the world’s best known musical acts including Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra has unveiled a new signature line of headphones at the IFA Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin.
GERMANY-HEADPHONES - Legendary music producer Quincy Jones is launching his own signature brand of headphones called Q. His musical history dates back 60 years - over which time, he's helped to craft the sounds of many of the greats, amassing more Grammy nominations and awards than any other living artist.

In this partnership, he's been working with engineers at AKG, with the aim of bringing modern music consumers closer to the feeling he gets when he's in the studio.

 Quincy Jones saying:

"They've taken their technology to take it right to the top and that's the most important thing I can think of in music which is to bring it to the listener the way it's conceived, felt and created."

David Slump is the president of the Consumer Division of Harman International, AKG's parent company.

 David Slump, Consumer Division President, Harman International saying:

"So we have three models, the in ear model which is great for on the go. We then step up to an on ear model and the on ear model will give you a more live sound reproduction, projected bass in a more comfortable fit but still foldable, still good for travel. And then we have an over the ear model, the flagship, the 701."

At 499 euros - or about 640 dollars, the high end of the Q line will be out of many consumers reach. The lower end will retail for 59 euros. And while there are already an array of celebrity branded headphones on the market, Jones says he doesn't seem himself in competition with Doctor Dre or Lady Gaga.

Quincy Jones saying:

"I do what I do man and if it wins it wins. It's not a boxing match."

From the sound to the vibrant colours, Quincy says in designing these headphones, he went with the same logic he uses when he's making music.

SQuincy Jones saying:

Please yourself first and people will and people will be there.

Every record I make, surveys and focus groups - I don't want to hear about that. You go for what you like. You go for what you like, that's what music is supposed to be. You play what you like and just hope that a lot of other people like what you like. That's how I roll."

The headphones bearing his signature initial will rollout in October.

Matt Cowan, Reuters