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Recognise This Danger That Kills Internet Business Dreams?

posted 1 Nov 2010, 07:38 by Mpelembe   [ updated 1 Nov 2010, 07:40 ]

In the early days of a beginner's internet business there is
much to learn, much to do and to have the ability to keep
progressing when the inevitable challenges and hurdles
appear. Yet lurking forever in the shadows, waiting to
pounce, and often the timing of such appearances have an
uncanny knack of being when they are mistakenly wanted yet
not needed, is a danger that many beginners do not realise
until later on.

Let's be honest here, the whole process of having an idea,
ensuring there is a hungry market for information within the
chosen niche, creating the website and product then launching
and marketing it is not straight forward. There will be times
when hair will be pulled out, moments of self doubt, periods
when you will really question yourself about why you ever
started this, doubts about whether anyone will even be
interested in what you have to offer. This is only natural
and happens to every internet marketer, even the successful
ones. This scenario often happens when a major technical
challenge appears, or you are having difficulty of
converting your knowledge and thoughts into a winning
product. At times, it may appear easy just to stop what you
are doing and seek another way to internet marketing

And this, it has to be fully understood, is where the real
danger lies. Uncannily, it is normally at this time that an
emails lands in your box or an envelope is delivered with
your name on it. Within it is a very well written piece of
marketing, enticing you to buy into the product or service.
You probably did not consider that what is on offer was
something that you would do, but the more you read, the more
this offer seems to provide you with an easy, no hassle, less
effort method for achieving what you set out to do in the
first place. That, put simply, is being successful online.
You can see the image of yourself opening that email and
whooping in delight at the incredible amount of sales you
have made whilst sleeping. You imagine that car you will
drive, the luxury holiday you will take, the first class
travel. Yes, incredibly this is exactly what you want, here
it is right in front of you, everything that is supposedly
difficult, technical or time consuming is being done for you
and there is even a guarantee of all your money back if it
does not work out for you. What is not to like?

This is the one danger you should avoid. It's that shiny
bullet just waiting for you to say "yes". All that work you
have undertaken, the idea formulating, the research, the
technical challenges overcome, the product creation
problems. You made good progress, though you probably don't
acknowledge it even to the point where your website is live
and is starting to build traction. Even a sale or several
sales have been achieved. The long upward slope has been
climbed and though you can see the top there is still a
little way to go. Yet that shiny bullet has been fired in
your direction and you just cannot get out of the way.

You are not being brave by abandoning your own project and
grasping the bullet. You will be brave however if you give
it the side step that it deserves. Your project is your
baby, you have built it and once you reach the top of the
hill, then you will be amazed at how quickly traction will
build and progress will then be so much faster. On your way
up to the top of the hill, make sure you dodge those shiny

So how do you get up to the top of the hill and ensure that
your internet marketing business is a success? By taking one
step at a time, avoid information overload and following a
well defined plan. Along your path of progress, there will
be attractive offers made, but you will be able to determine
whether they will aid that progress or divert your attention.
It is the sound, practical information and knowledge which is
proven to work that will achieve results for you when they
are implemented, not the seemingly desirable shiny bullet
that will most likely have the effect of killing off your

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