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Review: Four Smartphones

posted 26 Sept 2010, 03:24 by Mpelembe   [ updated 26 Sept 2010, 03:26 ]

iPhone 4:

There's been a lot of hype over the new iPhone 4, some good,
some bad and some just downright crazy.  It's just another
mobile phone, right?

Well, no, actually it's more.  Packed with mouth-watering
features and a brand new operating system, the iPhone 4
represents a big technological leap.

An Apple gadget launch is always a major event and the
iPhone 4 release was no exception. From the outset, the
iPhone 4 looks different, with a new, industrial design -
glass and stainless steel have replaced the plastic of the
previous models.

An ultra-high definition display gives incredibly clear
pictures, even in bright sunlight and from extreme viewing
angles. Add in two cameras, a VGA one on the front and a
5-megapixel camera on the back and you'll be able to produce
some stunning pictures.

A new operating system, iOS4, offers great options. One
that's definitely interesting is the multi-task facility -
with this, you can run email, talk on the phone and listen
to background music all at the same time.

Enhanced email facilities mean that now you can have a
unified inbox and threaded messaging. Another new free app
is iBooks, which takes advantage of the high definition
display. Unlike several other e-book applications, you can
adjust brightness, text size or font to your liking.

All this and an iPhone 4 game centre too! Simply go to the
game centre, pick the game you want to play and the centre
will set up your opponent automatically. There are leader
boards so you can see what the competition is up to as well.

Blackberry Pearl 3G:

The Blackberry Pearl 3G smartphone has many features to
rival the new iPhone 4. With the new "SureType" technology,
the device is smart enough to learn frequently used words
and make typing simple.

Like the iPhone 4, the Blackberry Pearl 3G can also
multi-task, enabling you to take incoming calls as you work
on other applications. The Blackberry Messenger service
informs you when your message has been delivered - and read.

The Blackberry's optical trackpad is similar to those on
laptop computers. Simply slide your finger over the trackpad
to move across the on-screen menus and icons and then press
to select the item.

A built in digital camera enables you to take pictures,
record video and share them with your friends; also, listen
to your favourite music or watch video - even in landscape
mode - everywhere you go.

At 93 gm, measuring 108 mm x 50 mm and just 13.3 mm thick,
the Blackberry Pearl 3G fits snugly into anyone's pocket.

Motorola Android 2.1 Milestone:

Although the iPhone4 has grabbed the media spotlight, the
Motorola Android 2.1 Milestone is well worth your

The super-slim smartphone - just 10.9 mm thick - boasts an
8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash that has features
expected on a high-end stand-alone camera such as face
recognition, red-eye reduction, multi-shot and anti-shake

The smartphone has a 480 x 854-display screen, not as clear
as the iPhone but still perfectly adequate. It also features
video recording capability. The device comes with an HDMI
cable and has built in MOTONAV navigation system as a
standard feature.

Nokia N8:

Nokia's smartphone has many of the functions of the
competition; while some features work superbly, others leave
a little to be desired.

On the positive side, the Nokia N8 has one of the largest
sensors - an amazing 12-megapixel - for its camera mounted
on the back of the device. Add in the Xenon flash unit and
the camera capabilities of the N8 are stunning.

The front-facing camera can take HD video and the N8 comes
complete with an HDMI interface. Add Dolby Digital surround
sound and the N8 offers an exhilarating video-watching

However, the operating software - Nokia's Symbian - seems to
let the show down. The typography has small and boxy, rather
dated text; some aspects of the software are just not as
user friendly as you would expect from a modern smartphone.

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