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Samsung Reveals Its Agenda for a Smarter Life at CES 2011

posted 5 Jan 2011, 14:14 by Mpelembe   [ updated 5 Jan 2011, 14:16 ]

Samsung awarded 37 CES 2011 Innovation Awards, including two Best of Innovations for its TVs, digital cameras and 3D monitors

2011 International CES

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Underscoring its position as a design leader, today Samsung unveiled its portfolio of 2011 consumer electronics highlighted by new smart TVs, consumer-inspired, easy-to-use cameras and camcorders, innovative IT products, and latest mobile technology for users at home and on the go at the company’s International Consumer Electronics Show press conference.

“The future of consumer technology focuses on creating products that combine the latest designs and technology and give consumers new and faster ways to experience their favorite content”

Samsung’s product portfolio will be displayed January 6-9 at booth 12006 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Full details, video content and product images are available at the Samsung microsite at: The press conference will also be streamed live from and

The backdrop of today’s announcements was Samsung’s concept of the “Smarter Life” and its three pillars: Smart Design, Smart Experiences, and Smart Connections. Smart design is “design with purpose” that enhances the function and user experience beyond the aesthetic. Smart Experiences involves the fastest content delivery of the widest variety of applications and games on the newest platforms and brightest screens, while Smart Connections enable devices to automatically connect with other devices to share content. Combined, the three pillars create a smarter life in which devices seamlessly connect to enable new content experiences.

Samsung Takes Home Entertainment to the Very Edge

For 2011, Samsung has re-imagined the TV screen by making the bezel, which until now had traditionally framed the TV, virtually disappear. Samsung’s new ultra-narrow bezel design has influenced its flagship LED televisions for 2011 – the Samsung D8000 and D7000 LED TV Series. Both offer a bezel that is just 0.2 inches wide, providing more screen to enjoy than ever before. This means that people can put a larger screen into an area that previously could only fit a smaller one.

The Samsung D6500 Plasma Series showcases Samsung’s breakthrough Plasma+1 design which features a new narrow bezel design so consumers get an extra inch of viewable screen size for a greater viewing area without increasing the outside dimensions of the set. This means that a traditional 58-inch plasma actually has 59-inches of viewable screen size.

“In 2010 Samsung blurred the line between technology and art with the introduction of the LED 9000, which included a brushed metal design on the bezel and was Samsung’s slimmest LED TV ever at less than 0.3 inches thick,” said Sangchul Lee, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. In 2011 Samsung is continuing to blend technology and art and taking TV design one step further, offering designs never seen before that blend seamlessly into the home.”

In addition to advanced design features, Samsung has also incorporated advanced smart TV features so people can get the most out of their entertainment experience. Samsung’s Smart Hub is a simple menu system that to connect, discover and enjoy a wide range of content. Users can easily search for movies, shows and videos via online services and across connected devices, browse the Web from your TV and access a wide variety of apps from Samsung Apps, the world’s first HDTV-based apps store. Almost all of Samsung‘s 2011 TVs that are 40-inches and above will offer smart TV features.

Samsung also introduced several new TV innovations for 2011 including:

  • Redesigning its 3-inch touch screen remote released in 2010. The Touch Control remote is now a full touch screen device that has the look and feel of a smartphone. The Touch Control’s multi display feature also lets users continue to watch TV on the screen even while a Blu-ray is being played on the TV
  • A line of accessories that include the world’s lightest and prescription-ready 3D glasses, Skype-certified HD camera for TV conferencing, wireless recharger and several wall mounts

Along with the unveiling of its newest TV innovations, Samsung also announced the latest in its lineup of Blu-ray players. Among them is the BD-6700, which boots up in 3 seconds and offers 2D-to-3D conversion as well as up-conversion of all content to full HD. In addition, Samsung unveiled the next-generation Blu-ray Home Theater Systems: the HT-C6730W, which features 3D Sound. 3D Sound synchs sound and video to create an immersive experience where the sound ‘moves’ with the 3D picture.

Digital Imaging: New Experience and ease of use with innovation

To help consumers stay easily connected to the world Samsung unveiled its newest digital camera and camcorder offerings. The SH100 allows photos to be posted straight to Facebook or YouTube in real time and can automatically back up photos on a PC. This is also the first camera that connects live to an Android smart phone, so it can use the phone to view the shot about to be taken in real time. A smartphone can also be used to view GPS information about where each photo was taken.

Samsung also introduced its latest offering in its popular line of Dual-View cameras, the ST700. The Dual-view system was originally created in 2009 and it transformed the way self portraits were taken. With the new ST700, Samsung has built on its original Dual-View design adding its largest-ever front screen and features like Smart Filter 2.0, which gives a range of different photo effects. Both the SH100, ST700, and WB210 feature Samsung’s Interactive Smart Access User Interface, which allows for easy use of key features with simple touch recognition.

Samsung introduced ultra slim, long zoom cameras, the WB210 and WB700. The WB210 is an innovative digital camera with a super slim body. The WB210 features a 12x optical zoom (24mm) and supports a 21mm super wide shot. The WB210 also includes 14 Mega Pixel photo quality, for crystal clear pictures, and a large 3.5” touch screen with Samsung’s new Smart Access UI system to deliver unprecedented usability. The WB700 is an ultra-slim camera with a 24mm ultra-wide Schneider KREUZNACH lens to capture the perfect wide shot, as well as an outstanding 24X zoom function, made up of an 18X optical zoom and 1.3X Smart Zoom and 16 Megapixel CCD sensor, capable of delivering superb quality images.

Building on the popularity of the NX11, Samsung unveiled a number of new lens kits. The NX11 will come complete with an 18-55mm i-Function lens, as well as two new i-Function lenses, a 20mm pancake and a 20-50mm zoom silver color lens.

In camcorders, Samsung introduced the Q10 Full HD camcorder. The Q10 camcorder delivers high quality full HD video through its large, back side illuminated sensor. The camcorder is easily operated and designed to be comfortably used in either the left or right hand. The camcorder automatically flips its screen to match the hand it is being held in, making it the ideal solution for those who like to switch hands while filming. Easy Operation means that users can control detailed processes, turn the camcorder on and off and operate the playback function easily through the LCD screen, so controlling the device is intuitive and fuss-free, and viewing footage is as easy as capturing it.

Display and IT Connected

Furthermore, Samsung rolled out amazing breakthroughs for computing at home and on the go.

The notebook 9 Series features a design first. It is the world’s first laptop to use Duralumin for its external casing. Duralumin, a material normally used in advanced aircrafts, is a strong, lightweight material that helps give the notebook 9 Series an aerodynamic style look. The notebook 9 Series was designed with performance in mind and with a vivid ‘SuperBright Plus’ display with 400nit brightness as well as its vibrant Color reproduction (16 million colors), the Notebook 9 Series illustrates and defines a crystal clear picture quality to bring multimedia to life and give users an unforgettable gaming experience.. Samsung’s Fast Start technology and solid state drive, the Notebook 9 Series can start in just 12 seconds - 60 percent faster than a hard disk drive.

Samsung also unveiled the Sliding PC 7 Series, a Windows 7 based notebook equipped with a sliding keyboard. The Sliding PC 7 Series features an innovative tablet design with multi-touch applications ideal for typical casual forms of entertainment, but with its sliding keyboard it is also able to transform into a clamshell PC for work on the go.

Designed for notebook users seeking more utility, Samsung launched the CA 550 and CA 750 Central Station monitors. The ultra-thin Central Station monitors enable notebook users to move between mobile computing and power computing by seamlessly unifying the workspace. Using a wireless USB 3.0 dongle, the Central Station recognizes when the notebook is within a 1 meter range and automatically activates, connecting all peripherals and linking the screens together to provide a larger working environment.

For the gaming crowd and those looking to enhance business applications, Samsung unveiled two 3D LED monitors: the SA750 and SA950 3D LED monitors. Both monitors incorporate Samsung’s ultra-slim design concept, while the 950 also includes 2D-to-3D conversion capability. The TA950 Multifunction monitor also features 2D-to-3D conversion.

Samsung also introduced several new connection solutions across its IT Solutions group. The Samsung MobilePrint App installed on Android devices like the Galaxy S smart phones and Galaxy Tab will connect consumers directly to Samsung printers via Wi-Fi or a network link and let them print photos, PDFs, and web pages directly from their devices. For workers who are constantly on the move, Samsung’s MobilePrint App enables last-minute printing of documents, allowing them to always be connected on the go.

“The future of consumer technology focuses on creating products that combine the latest designs and technology and give consumers new and faster ways to experience their favorite content,” said Kyuho Uhm, Senior Vice President of the Strategic Marketing Team of the IT Solutions Division at Samsung Electronics. Samsung is proud to offer consumers a fully connected user experience, delivering the newest and best content through beautifully designed products, helping consumers live a smarter life.”

Samsung Mobile: Speed, Screen and Content

Samsung Mobile’s next generation of innovation continues to focus on speed, screen and content for 2011. Smart Experiences in the mobile world are about fast delivery on the best platforms, the brightest and most dynamic screens with the best UI, and the widest variety of application, games and programming across all devices.

After the remarkable success of the Galaxy Tab™ available on every major carrier in the U.S. in 2010, Samsung announced today the upcoming availability of the Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2011. The Wi-Fi-centric Galaxy Tab runs on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system and features a 7-inch TFT display with 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution. The lightweight and sleek device weighs only 13 ounces, is 12 millimeters thin and easily fits in a jacket pocket or purse. The Galaxy Tab includes 16 GB of internal storage and has microSD expansion for up to 32 GB of additional storage. The Galaxy Tab also supports Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 to deliver an enhanced content experience with access to thousands of Web sites packed with complex Flash-based applications and content. The Galaxy Tab is also designed with a rear-facing 3 megapixel camera for taking pictures on-the-go, as well as a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera and camcorder for video chat.

Samsung’s Media Hub application key feature of Samsung’s Galaxy portfolio, and by aligning with top entertainment studios and TV networks, Media Hub allows users to rent or own their favorite movies and TV shows and enjoy the best possible viewing experience since each video is optimized to fit the specific screen size, screen type and video and sound capabilities of your Media Hub-enabled device. For the first time, Samsung is adding a major content provider to the Media Hub lineup. CBS will bring several of their highest-rated and most acclaimed programs to Media Hub in 2011, including CSI, NCIS, The Good Wife and Survivor. CBS joins MTV Networks, NBC/Universal, Paramount and Warner Bors on the roster of Media Hub content providers. In addition, Samsung’s Smart TVs will be enabled to access Media Hub in 2011. Consumers will be able to enjoy the latest summer blockbuster or season of their favorite television show optimized for their Galaxy S phone, Galaxy Tab or now Samsung Smart TV in the US.

Samsung has been fully invested and committed to 4G infrastructure and devices. Samsung has become the unquestioned leader in end-to-end 4G solutions, including the first commercial device to run on Mobile WiMAX and launching the first LTE-enabled network and LTE handset in the U.S. since joining the first U.S. 4G infrastructure back in 2006. Following in that tradition of mobile broadband innovation, Samsung will be demonstrating our 4G technology leadership this week at CES supporting all existing 4G standard from LTE to Mobile WiMAX, and offering 4G end-to-end total solutions from chipset, devices to infrastructure equipment

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