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Should Google Be Scared of Facebook?

posted 22 Nov 2010, 09:00 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Nov 2010, 09:01 ]

Here's the buzz: Google is scared of Facebook!

For a super-giant like Google, clearly the one leading the
pack of all search engines and earning millions of dollars
in online advertisements, you find this issue quite

What gives? For a majority of Internet users, Google is the
go-to search engine.  So what is so scary about Facebook? It
is not even in the same category as Google? As a social
networking site, what is it about Facebook that gives Google
chills down its spine? Is there really something to be afraid
of in the first place?

Well, apparently, there is. The endless possibilities in
reaching a tailored and targeted audience with Facebook is
what scares Google the most. Facebook for marketing is
really an alarming future for Google.

Know thy market

One of the basics in the wonderful world of marketing is
getting to know your target market. This is a very important
information in reaching the right kind of people for your
kind of business, be it a product or service offering. The
more targeted and relevant the information that you have
about your prospective consumer, the more you can cater to
what truly is attractive to them.

In a world where everything is getting personalized, where
every consumer is very vocal about the things that they want
and how they want it, having the right platform holds the key
in reaching them. And, of course, getting them to purchase
your products or avail of your services.

And this is where Facebook, a social networking site, fills
in the gap that a search engine like Google can't. Facebook
for marketing is  something Google did not expect.

Building relationships

A social networking site like Facebook is all about building
relationships.  Virtually everyone is on Facebook to connect
not only with family, friends, social acquaintances, but
also potential business contacts. Personal information
revealed in this social site also gives almost everyone a
profile of a particular group that would be interested in a
particular product or service. For example, a growing group
of vegetarians are in their early 20s, female, and located
in Asia and this age/gender/location information would be
helpful in positioning vegetarian products. And if you
market successfully to even just one member of this group,
it will rapidly spread like wildfire to all his or her
contacts and before you know it, your marketing efforts have
multiplied with the littlest of efforts!

Facebook for marketing. Think about it. Google has.

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