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Social Media Can Be So Annoying

posted 28 Nov 2010, 04:22 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 28 Nov 2010, 04:23 ]

You've probably heard by now that you need to use social
media as a  channel for your professional brand marketing or
your company's brand  marketing strategy (especially if
you've been reading our blogs). Most  people are either
taking advantage of this channel, or they are  overwhelmed
by integrating social media into your marketing strategy or
they don't see the point of getting involved. For those of
you who find  social media to be seemingly pointless for
your professional brand or  just plain annoying to deal
with, this blog post is for you. You can and should use
social media as part of your marketing  strategy. What you
should not do with social media is anything and  everything
that bothers you personally about social media. If you don't
 like it, chances are your business associates and clients
don't either.  So here are a few tips for you when you
decide to take the leap:

Spell check! There is nothing  quite as aggravating and
confusing to those in social media as serious  grammatical
errors. Nobody is perfect but, unless you are 13 (and even
most 13 year-olds don't make this mistake), You should
always double  check before you post even the most casual of
comments or updates.

Don't just talk; Listen! Nobody  in the real world wants to
hear anyone else talk about nothing but  themselves. So make
sure you don't make that mistake in social media.  Talk about
other experts in a positive way; engage others in
conversation about their interests, concerns or problems and
whatever  you do; don't use your Twitter or Facebook to post
nothing but links to  your website or blogs!

Don't plagiarize; Give credit  where credit is due. Whether
you are quoting someone in a tweet or  referencing their
research in a blog post, let your readers, friends and
followers know who should get credit for this spark of

Stop Whining. This goes back to  only talking about
yourself. But really; don't whine. Don't constantly
criticize others in your industry. And whatever you do;
refrain from  posting slander about your boss or company
online. Remember, you attract  more bees with honey than you
do with vinegar.Last, but not least, give it a  little

Remember the previous rules and tone down your  personality
if it is a little inappropriate for your audience. For the
most part you should be able to be yourself. Your clients,
followers and  friends don't want to talk to a robot. They
want someone who relates to  them in one way or another. As
the Genie from Aladdin once said, "Be  Yourself!" Now you
know what not to do, start focusing on what you should do
next. Start a conversation with someone. Find some
interesting  individuals to follow on Twitter. Give it a try
and keep on going.

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