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Social Networking Guidlines For Beginners

posted 28 Nov 2010, 07:09 by Mpelembe   [ updated 28 Nov 2010, 07:11 ]

By following some simple social networking guidelines, it is
possible to build relationships for more profits. Read on to
find out how to network effectively.

Following some simple social networking guidelines can often
make a real difference for those looking to generate leads on
the social media sites. Social networking is really quite
different from traditional marketing and it requires a lower
key and more sophisticated approach. It really is all about
interacting with others in a pleasant and positive manner
whilst providing useful information.

Social media offers many opportunities to interact with
prospects. Both parties can respond to each other
immediately and it is more about building relationships with
people and then sharing with them what you have to offer in
terms of products or services that will help them.


The best way to interact with people on these site is to ask
questions, answer questions and share appropriate and
relevant information that you feel will be adding value. If
you don't interact, nobody will know that you are there and
you will be missing out on opportunities.

Be Consistent

You will need to have a regular and consistent presence in
order to build strong relationships. Once people get used to
seeing you around, they will consider you as part of their
online world and they will start to see you as one of the
online 'friends'. In addition, if you provide them with help
and useful information, they will begin to respect your
contribution and you as a contributor.


By responding to comments in a positive manner, or by
providing useful information in response to questions, you
will begin to build your reputation. At all times it is best
to communicate in a courteous and professional manner.


Share links to useful information, tips and techniques that
you use in your field. As with much of business, it is
beneficial to share and give before you can take.

Watch the Competition

Keeping an eye on the competition is important to any type
of business, even affiliates. After all, the competition
might be sharing information that you need to know about, or
they may be offering products that you may find of interest
yourself. With a little bit of observation you can see where
they are spending their time to attract prospects and how
they are doing it. There are most certainly a couple of
behaviours that I would like to cover in these social
networking guidelines as I feel that they are not conducive
to generating leads. One of these is spamming. By spamming,
a networker is more likely to alienate than connect with
leads. The prospects will be keen to get away as it really a
rude type of marketing.

Another behaviour that will not pay any dividends is to
react to any rude people that you may come across on your
travels through cyberspace. These rude people are not worthy
of a negative reaction from you that will be displayed
publicly for all to see across the globe. As you would at a
cocktail party, just move away from them. Social networking
is a little like a cocktail party - it's a time to mingle
and meet with new people. So behave positively as you would
do at a small gathering.

By following these social networking guidelines, you will be
able to build strong relationships that could result in
profits. .

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