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The Questions You Really Need to Ask About Squeeze Page

posted 28 Oct 2010, 14:38 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 28 Oct 2010, 14:39 ]

How long should a squeeze page be? As short as possible with
all the essential information "above the fold" that is
visible without the reader having to scroll down.You do not
need long squeeze pages no one read to the bottom

How important is the headline?Couldn't be more
important.Most people reading an ad will read the headline
and then decide to move on or read more.The purpose of the
headline is to generate curiosity, to break a person's
routine.You do not need to give them too much detail at this

What are the best words to use on my squeeze page? Short
words the convey a sense of achievement if the person opts
in or a sense of loss if they don't.Use emotive words.Do not
use dry academic or business-speak words.

How long should my paragraphs be? People read web pages
differently from the way they read a book so long paragraphs
are out.Use no more that three sentences per paragraph.The
odd one sentence paragraph is good too.

Should I write anything above the headline? yes this is
useful if you want to pre-qualify your prospects.It should
be in a lower font size than the header and be right at the
top of the page.So if you were offering an internet
marketing product it might read " attention all internet
marketers,check this out if you want to to make cash fast"

Should I use video:Yes either yourself on camera or a screen
capture video where you can demonstrate the workings of the
gif you are offering.Video of yourself is good in
establishing trust.People are more likely to but from people
they know like and trust.Video is the best method for people
to get to know you over the intent.

What is my most wanted outcome form my squeeze page?To get
people to sign up for free ebook so you can build your
list.So have the opt in box above the fold on the right hand
side of the screen with a big red arrow pointing at it.Under
the arrow it should read "sign up here to get your free
ebook now"

How do I create an opt in box?You need to sign up with an
autoresponder service such as Aweber where you can easily
create opt in boxes.Aweber give the code that go on your
squeeze page.Use the cpanel of your web hosting account and
you are done.

Can I link to my squeeze page using PPC advertising?Yes you
can but if you use Google adwords then you will need to
check there guidelines on the type of squeeze pages they
like.Google award a quality score to any landing page and if
they don't like yours  you get a low score. Your chances of
showing up on page one are minimal .

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