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Starting A Blog And The 3 Main Benefits You Get When You Do

posted 24 Sept 2010, 11:33 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Sept 2010, 11:35 ]

Why might you want to start a blog?

There are a lot of possible points in favour of doing that
and few valid reasons not to. Inertia is the most common
reason for not considering it. Sometimes it's lack of
information. Sometimes people hesitate because they are
afraid of the unknowns. Often it is not know how and not
knowing how to find out how. Still other times it may be
just being unaware of the possibility of doing it or of the
potential benefits.

The way to clear away the fog of uncertainty is with more
good info. Maybe we need to look at the reasons that have
motivated others to considering starting a blog.

First, blogs can often give you some credibility in your
chosen niche. You make a valid point when you point out that
credibility is essential to gaining your readers trust
because why else would you start a blog. That may very well
be true, however credibility isn't the only benefit to
starting a blog.

Second, blogs can generate free targeted traffic from the
search engines for you. Plus, with all the social
bookmarking and social media tools available to bloggers
your posts could easily go VIRAL. And with all that free
targeted traffic coming in you keep 100% of all the profits
you make whether it be Adsense, ClickBank, CPA or any other.

Third and last, you can monetize your blog in any which way
you choose. This will mean that you'll have the option to
monetize your blog with multiple streams of income. And
again, you are in full control of your blogs outcome,
whether it's for personal or business use.

Think seriously about those reasons for a moment. Evaluate
them, consider them, try them on for size. When you do, I
suspect that you will see clearly that they make a
compelling case in favour of you trying to start a blog.

In view of all that, what do you think? Shouldn't you at
least consider starting a blog? Only you can answer that .

Believe me, it's easier then you think. My only last piece
of advice is make sure you start a blog around something you
are most passionate about because this way you'll be more
then happy to write and not be one of those blogs that just
get forgotten about.

Hope this helps and good luck on creating your first  blog.

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