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Tails For Humans Get Tongues Wagging

posted 22 Aug 2013, 11:57 by Mpelembe   [ updated 22 Aug 2013, 11:58 ]

Remote controlled tail for humans gets tongues wagging on creative crowd funding platform by those keen to indulge in their cheeky side.

 LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (AUGUST 21, 2013) (REUTERS) -  Ever wanted a tail to express the things you dare not say? Artists at the company greyworldare launching their electronic remote-controlled tail especially for humans to show their cheeky side.

The Tail has been two years in the making as the artists with its design mimicking the movement of a cats tail.

greyworld are now ready to launch their tail commercially and they are using the on-line crowd funding website Kickstarter to raise the cash to take production out of their small east London studioand into a factory.

It's early days but there's already been plenty of interest.

"We've found that we've actually tapped into quite a large tail-desiring public and hopefully if they fund the project they too can have a tail, which would be amazing," said founder of greyworld,Andrew Shoben.

A cheeky promotional video shows a couple wearing their tails around the house. Tail-wearers are invited to show their playful and mischievous side with the electronic appendage. Shoben said that's the attraction of tails.

"People are looking, I think, to express their naughty side. You know, modern life is so serious, but if you are in the bank queuing for an overdraft, but your tail is knocking pens off the table, fantastic. It's the kind of excuse you need to be the child that we all really are," he said.

The technical brains behind The Tail are those of Neil Gavin, another greyworld artist. He watched hours of videos of tails from the cat family

The 62cm (24 inch) tail is remote-controlled and has four modes. There is Fast for energetic moves, Slow for trembles and slow wags, Dance mode is for party-time and the last mode is a selection of all the modes.

Shoben said it was tricky to get the movements realistic.

"The fact that we need to be able to create a tail that hasn't just got very straight forward linear motion, but that can also stand up, that can tremble, that can twist and curl, and so we actually looked at the way a cat's tail, or dogs' tails are actually controlled. It has two lines of muscle that allow it to pull up and flip and twist and that's really how we based the internal mechanics of this one," he said.

The tails can be covered in any material a wearer desires. That could be standard black, white or ginger fur. Shoben himself has opted for a pin-stripped tail for more formal occasions, but others might prefer to customise theirs with sequins or leather.

The artists are looking for 10,000 pounds and as of Thursday (August 22) they had raised 2,897 pounds from 25 backers. They must raise their goal or more by September 12 in order to get the funds.

Taking The Tail for a walk around central London, Shoben raised some smiles and gasps of delight from those surprised by the sight of man casually strolling by the Thames wearing a moving tail.

"I love it, it's very sexy" said one elderly woman.

Her young grandson exclaimed "I'd wear it for school. Yeah that would be weird."

A group of young women excitedly grabbed the tail declaring that they wanted one.

An Australian tourist said she'd have a more practical use if she owned one. Mimicking flicking a tail she said "I like that in these crowds you could just get rid of a few people. That's a good weapon."

greyworld are a group of artists who create public art. They focus mainly on themes of play and have permanent installations in many different countries. If their Tail funding campaign is successful they could soon see people wearing their art around the world.