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Top 4 Must Have Strategies for Blog Publishers

posted 20 Nov 2010, 07:57 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 20 Nov 2010, 07:58 ]

Let's face it, blogging is here to stay. For work and for
play, we're all blog publishers to a certain extent. Read on
for some tips on attracting readers and building a successful

1. Join a Blog Network

Whether you're interested business or social blogging, it
can be difficult to build a readership for your blog from
scratch. That's why so many first-time blog publishers turn
to blog networks -- groups of blogs operated under a common
leader. Two of the most popular blog networks online today
are I Can Has Cheezburger? and Gawker Media.

You probably won't be able to land your blog on Gawker any
time soon, but finding a small blog network to connect
yourself to is still a smart move. This can help you attract
sponsors looking to advertise on blogs, acquire backlinks
from your fellow networkers, and boost your readership.

2. Know Your SEO

If you're operating a website, Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) is essential --even if that website is a blog. Do some
research online to find popular keywords on your topic, and
be sure to include these inside your posts and elsewhere on
your blog. This way, when people search "sports blog," for
example, they'll have a better chance of finding you.

You should also get in the habit of checking the search
trends on Google and Yahoo! before updating your blog. This
will let you know the most popular search phrases of the
moment. Incorporate these phrases into your newest post, and
you'll be sure to get some extra search engine hits.

3. Find Sponsors, Not Advertisers

There are certain standard methods of blog advertising --
Pay-Per-Click ads, banners, etc. These methods are so
standard, in fact, that many readers have trained themselves
to ignore them. Instead of turning to these techniques, try
reaching out to sponsors relevant to your brand.

For example, if you write a fashion blog, you could contact
an online boutique and volunteer to write a post about them
in exchange for sponsorship. It's a win-win situation, and a
much more creative way to find people to advertise on blogs.

4. Interact With Your Readers

Business and social blogging presents certain advantages
over print media -- namely, the ability to interact in real
time. After you write a post, your readers can post comments
with their thoughts and questions, and you can respond. This
is a great way to build up a loyal readership.

Blog publishers that are serious about promoting their blogs
typically sign up for a number of social networks as well,
most notably Facebook and Twitter, as well as social
bookmarking services (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit)
and blog directories (MyBlogLog, Technorati,
NetworkedBlogs). This will help you reach an even wider
group of potential readers.

With these tips for blog publishers, you should be well on
your way to creating a successful blog. Good luck!

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