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Trends In Web Design For Online Retailers in 2011

posted 6 Dec 2010, 05:12 by Mpelembe   [ updated 6 Dec 2010, 05:13 ]

Empowering tactics for 2011 ecommerce are all built on
Magento, the program that outpaced all other e-commerce
platforms in the world by 2009, according to statistics from
Google. Magento comes in three flavors: Community (the open
source platform), Professional (with license fees of $3,500
annually) and Enterprise (license fees run $13,000/year.)

 According to Jarod Clark, web development expert, his web
design firm made the decision to use the Magento platform
exclusively in 2009 and his team of Denver Magento
developers have been working with the Magento e-commerce
platform since it was in beta testing three years ago.
Magento has assembled a powerful resource  for Magento
developers in Denver to use to create the most intuitive
online shopping carts for customers with the overall goal of
providing the best experience possible, which is the reason
for this exclusivity.

 Included in the functionalities and features Magento
delivers to web development, especially for sales marketing

Layered / facetted navigation for intuitive filtering of
products.  Magento offers control over which attributes are
filterable to help improve the shopping experience. To
improve the customer's experience, Magento allows the user
to control the attributes filtered by in searches.

 Targeted merchandising system. One on one marketing can be
re-created by automating it, which this integrated
functionality allows.  Logic is built in to present products
and offers to customers and wholesalers that they are most
likely to act upon based on the information about the client
and their browsing and purchase history.  For example, if a
customer has purchased a specific workshop tool, say an 18V
DeWalt product as in the case of's Magento
store, that same client is much more likely to purchase
compatible tools because they can share batteries and

Rich Promotions and upselling functionality. Marketing
Promotions and Tools including flexible coupons, up-sells,
cross sells and related products.  Marketing and
Merchandising are the focus of the streamlined management
instead of implementation details.

Marketing Reminders automatically by email. This function
enables merchants to increase customer retention through
sending configurable, automated email reminders to customers
for abandoned shopping carts and wishlists.

Magneto B2B and B2C. Magento allows authenticated B2B/logged
in clients to utilize the solution to place orders by
supporting both groups of customers in one consolidated

Because of its convenience to shoppers and spared expense to
business owners, online shopping is here to stay. Predictions
by Forrester Research, the respected independent technology
and market research firm, are that U.S. online retail will
grow at 10% compounded annually to reach nearly $249 billion
by 2014.

About the Author:

Janet Webb is a business owner and online retailer who
understands the importance of effective e-commerce which is
why she recommends custom ecommerce websites including
custom shopping cart functionality for online sales built by
the experts at Unleaded Group.