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Turning an iPhone Into a Garage Door Opener

posted 14 Sept 2010, 12:28 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 14 Sept 2010, 12:30 ]

There can be a lot of hype regarding the new iPhone and some
skeptics wonder what the excitement is about, but part of
the wonder is finding the obscure things it can do. A
possibility is opening a garage door. So far there is just
one choice for native applications, This
system also requires some serious DIY skills to obtain the
hardware components to operate. This could possibly be a
time to contact a professional.

There exists also the security question of manipulating a
garage door wirelessly, but just as several folks push a
conventional remote button from close to the corner, making
use of an iPhone is just a different sort of button.

So far this technology can't supply a live video on the
doorway. It can alert the user that the door is open, if a
switch is already in the program.

If an individual wants to handle additional items other than
just the garage door, he can find other plug and play
possibilities for an individual not adverse to little boxes
plugged in close to the house. A pc system known as X10 that
might be utilized to remotely manage any quantity of circuits
or power outlets and also the iPhone can then be a remote
control for that plan. These boxes connect to the house's
personal computer to turn on and off lights and could be
wired into the garage door. The security of these devices is
questionable, but the wow factor for friends and family is
tough to beat.

This is basically an extension from the smart household
concept for the technology minded. Garage doors, with their
remotes and uncomplicated circuits are an obvious option for
adapting. Quite a few homeowners are curious about adding
Jetson- like attributes to their property. External garage
door openers that function by numerical code could be handy
for youths who may loose a key. They're basic to have added
to the house. So if soldering circuits gives an individual
hives, remember there are less difficult paths to opening
the storage.

You'll find also bio-metric openers obtainable, if security
is far more of a priority than basically cool gadgets. These
scanners are programmed and operate just like the amount code
controllers, but they have the added fun of an infrared
scanner that read a fingerprint instead of just remembering
a code. This engineering has come down a long way in value,
but each homeowner will need to decide the price tag of
their security and convenience.

Quite a few of these systems will integrate themselves with
an existing garage door opener, but some older systems will
must be updated. This update will also present modern
security capabilities, similar to adding a deadbolt to a
front door with just a doorknob lock. Definitely old garage
door openers besides being noisier are also less secure.
Contact a garage door retailer for far more data about all
the possibilities offered.

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