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Two Ways to Use Google Text Ads

posted 24 Sept 2010, 06:13 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Sept 2010, 06:20 ]

Many Internet marketers find that using Google text ads in
their marketing campaigns is a profitable way to do
business. There are two different programs in place in which
you can place these text ads. We will briefly discuss both of
these programs here.

The Google AdSense program is probably the most popular of
the Google text ads programs. Millions of individuals have
signed up for a free AdSense account and many of them have
earned a good amount of money this way. When you sign up for
a free AdSense account, you agree that Google will place text
ads on your website or blog. Google must approve of the site
in order to place the ads there and they do have
restrictions in place. For example, sites that have adult
content or gambling are just two of the restrictions that
would prevent these ads from running on your site.

Once your website is approved to run the ads, you will want
to ensure that you update your site on a regular basis in
order to keep it lively and interesting. Then, you will set
about driving traffic to your site. The objective here is to
get visitors to your site who will then click on the text
ads. When this happens, you earn money, whether or not the
person who clicks on the ad makes a purchase.

The other way to earn money with text ads is to participate
in the Google AdWords program. With this program, you, the
advertiser pays money each time someone clicks on your ad.
While Google will go on to share ad revenue with AdSense
participants, your goal is to ensure that at least some of
the individuals who click on your ads purchase something.

When you participate in the AdWords program, you can set a
spending limit ahead of time so that you can stay within
your advertising budget. Since most of the people who click
on your ads will be truly interested in the product or
service you are selling, you stand a fair chance of making
sales to some of the people who click on your ads.

Many Internet marketers experiment with both programs to see
which one will work the best for them. Some marketers use
both programs on different campaigns. For example, if you
have a blog and you are not selling anything, then there
would be no reason to purchase AdWords ads; instead, you
would stand a better chance of profiting by participating in
the AdSense program.

While both programs have the potential to help you to make a
living online, you may need to experiment in order to decide
which program is appropriate for each of your campaigns.

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