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UK Groundwater Floods Could Last Months, Scientists Warn

posted 13 Feb 2014, 17:33 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Feb 2014, 17:34 ]

Next Media Online  - British Geological Survey scientists said on Thursday that they expect flooding to persist across Britain as rain continues to soak through the soil, building up groundwater (February 13).

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Flooding may persist for up to two months even though the rain has let down. The rain percolates through the cracks and pores of chalk, build up the groundwater stores. The water table can then rise through ground surfaces, causing a flood.

Engineering consultancy Jacobs estimated in 2004 that 1.6 million properties in England and Wales were at risk of groundwater flooding. Properties built on low-lying chalk are especially vulnerable.

Boreholes, which are used to measure groundwater levels, are overflowing in many areas throughout the UK. Most of the boreholes showing ‘exceptionally high levels’ of water are concentrated in the country’s south. The groundwater level at Chilgrove House in Sussex at the end of January broke a 179-year record.

The Environmental Agency has already issued groundwater flood warnings for many of the southern counties.