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U.N. Committee Calls For Ending Excessive Electronic Spying

posted 26 Nov 2013, 15:19 by Mpelembe   [ updated 26 Nov 2013, 15:20 ]

U.N. General Assembly committee called for an end to excessive electronic surveillance.

The committee adopted the German and Brazilian-drafted resolution by consensus, and is expected to be voted on next month.

Brazil's Ambassador to the United NationsAntonio Patriota:


"Mr. Chair, through this resolution, the General Assembly establishes for the first time that human rights should prevail irrespective of the medium and therefore need to be protected both off-line and online. It also reiterates that human rights are universal."

The draft text does not name specific countries but North Korea's deputy U.N. envoy, Ri Tong-il, did mention names.

RI TONG IL, DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA'S DEPUTY AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS, SAYING:"It is not a secret that since 2007 the United States has been operating the code-named PRISM massive surveillance program domestically and this created another condemnation already."

The draft resolution comes after U.S. contractor Edward Snowden released details of a global spying program by the U.S. National Security Agency.