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VBox and Syabas Team Up to Enable Reception of Home Entertainment Media and Live TV in One Device

posted 12 Sept 2010, 03:55 by Mpelembe

AMSTERDAM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Syabas, a leading provider of Home Media Entertainment, and VBox Communications, a private company partially owned by Optibase (NASDAQ:OBAS), a leading provider of converged digital broadcast and IPTV solutions, announce an innovative solution that enables the reception of converged Home Entertainment Media with Live TV for in home IP distribution.

“Supporting premium broadcast content with the VBox TV Gateway and Popcorn Hour Network Media Tanks extends the range of solutions to provide 'anywhere access' for TV content throughout the home.”

VBox’s TV Gateway is a part of the VBox family of products for the Live TV market. It is a HDTV receiver that builds optimized streams for live broadcast video, audio, and data. The VBox TV Gateway acts as a router converting incoming DVB to outgoing IP. Using this technology is very simple: connect the incoming coax and the outgoing IP, the Gateway does all the rest. It receives a TV broadcast in the same manner as a digital IP STB, requiring no changes in either broadcast infrastructure or in the consumers’ premises.

Syabas, a leading provider of home entertainment device software and hardware and makers of the award-winning Popcorn Hour line of Networked Media Tanks and the PopBox™, today announced with VBox the launch of a revolutionary new device that will allow the reception of Home Entertainment Media and Live TV from a single device.

“Adding Live TV reception to the Popcorn Hour is a natural extension of Popcorn Hour offerings for Home users,” said TL Lim, President Syabas. “This collaboration enables Popcorn Hour users to receive Live TV without adding an additional device.”

"It is a pleasure to cooperate with our partner Syabas on this solution," said Shlomo Turgeman, CEO of VBox. "Supporting premium broadcast content with the VBox TV Gateway and Popcorn Hour Network Media Tanks extends the range of solutions to provide 'anywhere access' for TV content throughout the home."

About VBox Communications Ltd.

VBox is a provider of customer-premises receiver solutions for digital TV and data broadcasting networks. VBox provides a whole range of digital TV reception capabilities, including handling of encrypted content for Pay TV services and delivery of high-quality video, audio and data services. VBox provides routers and gateways for the reception of high quality digital content from digital broadcast infrastructures and their distribution over LAN.

About Syabas Technology

Popcorn Hour is the consumer electronics brand of Syabas Technology, a pioneer in wired and wireless home entertainment. Internationally, the company's Popcorn Hour line of groundbreaking digital home entertainment devices is opening up a new era of unlimited streaming media possibilities, while in the United States, Syabas has just debuted their latest products, PopBox™ and PopBox™ Wireless. With PopBox, consumers can finally enjoy an incredibly simple way to play all their stored home videos, movies, photos, and music on their HDTV home theater system, plus they have big screen access to all the best sports, movies, videos, and music the Internet has to offer. Breaking down the barriers between TV, personal computers, digital storage devices and the Internet, Syabas gives individuals unprecedented control over how they source, manage, and experience video, high-definition movies, digital photos, music and more.