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Vogue and Wired UK test iPad market

posted 8 Nov 2010, 08:40 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 8 Nov 2010, 08:43 ]
he British version of the iconic fashion magazine Vogue and the award-winning UK version of the technology magazine Wired have been launced as iPad apps.
UK-VOGUE IPAD. Nov 08An iconic brand, a famous face, a new look on a new platform.

After 94 years in print, British Vogue is making its iPad debut.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson, newly shorn, adorns the covers of the December 2010 issue, which is being hailed as a technological


Albert Read, UK General Manager, Conde Nast saying:

"We're very pleased with it. It's something which is completely bespoke. Something we've created from scratch."

Conde Nast's UK General Manager Albert Read took us through a touching demonstration.

Albert Read, UK General Manager, Conde Nast saying:

"So this is a magazine done with all the richness that the iPad offers. And we have a whole lot of other shoots. We have this one which I like a lot which is the Dash Cash shoot, which is a mixture of stills and video. So that women can see how the clothes are worn, how they sit on the body."

Conde Nast has created iPad apps for a number of its titles in the U.S. but the British versions of Vogue and technology and trends magazine Wired are the first of its publications to get the treatment in the UK.

Albert Read, UK General Manager, Conde Nast saying:

"With Wired, it's fairly obvious to some extent. The Wired constituency is very forward thinking and early adopting in terms of technology. The success of the U.S. Wired version made it seem like a no-brainer for us to go with a UK edition...with Vogue, Vogue is our biggest magazine and defines the company historically and we have a very, very creative team who are keen to do something with the iPad."

When the iPad was launched, there was a great deal of discussion about what touch-screen tablet computers would mean for the publishing industry. Read says his magazines are still in research and development phase .

Albert Read, UK General Manager, Conde Nast saying:

"We're doing these as one offs. We're not committing beyond these first issues but we see this as something that's going to grow but what we don't know is whether it's going to grow quickly or slowly. We don't know what the take up is going to be both from the readers, how many devices are owned by Vogue readers and we don't know what the take up is going to be of the advertisers."

Vogue and Wired are traditionally titles which help to fuel trends. Now the creative teams behind these slick new offerings await the verdicts of consumers and advertisers to learn whether the era of tablet-oriented publishing has well and truly got underway in the UK.

Matt Cowan, Reuters