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Web Application Development Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper

posted 1 Sept 2011, 04:41 by Mpelembe   [ updated 1 Sept 2011, 04:43 ]
Ebase Technology releases its Ebase Xi Community Edition and throws down the gauntlet on driving down the cost of web application development

CAMBRIDGE, EnglandSept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ebase Technology, a Cambridge, UK-based company, today announced the release of its Ebase Xi Community Edition, a completely free web application development platform aimed at delivering a paradigm shift in developer productivity. The Xi platform merges web application development, workflow processing and data integration into a powerful and easy-to-use single-technology platform.

"It seems to us that software developers are bogged down with a massive choice of languages, development platforms and methodologies," said Dave Rawlins, Commercial Director at Ebase Technology. "A lot of these are technically hard, they're time-consuming to learn and use, and they really don't fit together very well even once you've mastered them. Worse though is that you need a team of expensive experts to hang the whole thing together both during the development and afterwards once you're in production. It can all add up to a potentially crippling cost of ownership with seriously expensive projects and long timescales ... just what the business doesn't want to hear.

"One of our recent customers had no less than twelve different technologies in action - covering everything from web page design and styling, data integration, reporting, and business process management. They'd reached a point where getting anything done quickly was impossible, they'd built up a big backlog of projects and there was really a lot of pressure from the business. We showed them how the Xi platform could replace this pile of technologies with one fully integrated platform and get back on the application delivery fast track."

The Xi platform is characterized by ease of use and simplicity, and delivers its productivity by abstracting complex technical standards, such as those for cascading style sheets, web services and data integration, and replacing them with intuitive visual controls. The platform ships with its own English-like processing language, out-of-the-box security and integration, and a full enterprise-level workflow engine.

The Community Edition is a completely free-to-develop, ship-and-deploy version of the entire Xi platform with the only limitation being a maximum of 10 concurrent run-time users. The company also offers paid licenses for higher concurrencies maxing out at #6,400 for an unlimited concurrency server license.

Rawlins commented: "The Xi platform offers software developers a simple way to break free from spiraling cost and complexity but without sacrificing sophistication or control. To get people up to speed quickly we've also made all of our training materials available for free and there's a wealth of supporting materials on the website."

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