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What Are The Main Uses Of An XML Editor

posted 16 Nov 2010, 13:37 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 16 Nov 2010, 13:38 ]

XML is by definition Extensible Markup Language. It has
become increasingly popular because documents are able to be
delivered in a text format that is quite flexible. An XML
editor is perfect for creating this kind of page no matter
if it is in a text only format or whether they are pictures
included as well. This means that users can create projects
that can be used across many different computer systems,
regardless of operating system and hardware.

It is similar in many ways to the HTML style, except they
each perform two very different functions; HTML is the
formatting of text while XML is actually used for the
transport of it. This does not mean that XML will be
replacing HTML anytime soon, but it can enhance the former's
ability to propagate due to the ability to be used across a
wide variety of platforms. Each of these tools is very
similar to the original markup language -- SGML which was
first instituted by ISO (the International Standardization
Organization) in 1986.

XML editors are very versatile in their great variety of
applications. Since XML does not carry the limiting
formatting tags as that of HTML, it can be used for more
than displaying web pages. There are actually an unlimited
number of tags, so the number of applications is also
unlimited as well. This means that software designers can
use these editors to perform many different functions quite

This is one reason that XML has seen a rise in popularity
among users since it was first introduced to the Internet
way back in 1998. This is now seen in the enormous number of
programming languages that show support for this particular
style, and has also been the impetus for the large number of
interactive websites that now give consumers a chance to
provide feedback to online retailers. This allows many
different tasks to be made available to consumers, such as
checking on the status of their order directly from the
merchant's website.

XML editors are being used more and more in many different
areas. This includes academia as well, since that vast
amount of library and tutoring services currently online now
are being formatted in this language to become even more user
friendly. XML has found its way into office documents as
well, for databases and spreadsheets in particular.
Designers of websites can now upgrade a page to XHTML which
is actually XML in place of the current HTML.

This means the editors are becoming even more popular. It
has seen an inordinate amount of growth since being first
introduced over a decade ago. An XML editor is now a must
for designers and programmers in order to make computer
programs and interactive web page that much more special.
Since formatting is no longer a problem for most users,
editing documents in this type of format can mean a great
reduction in the number of hours it normally took to
decipher the content for actual use.

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