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What Is The Best Web Design Tool Available Today?

posted 21 Dec 2010, 13:18 by Mpelembe   [ updated 21 Dec 2010, 13:19 ]

New Internet marketers have it so much easier today...with
respect to web design that is.

Back  in the day, we all had to dive into the STEEP learning
curve of  Dreamweaver. Making a semi-attractive site was
quite a challenge to say  the least. Most beginners would
simply quit in the beginning of that  curve.

Now  days, things are much easier. With the new versions of
WordPress and  the many available themes, anyone can build
an attractive and search  engine friendly site in a day or
two...or less.

Beginners  can now skip the weeks of learning Dreamweaver
and skip right to the  real work of optimizing, backlinking,
and getting ranked well in Google.

If you aren't using WordPress for all your new sites, you're
missing the boat!

Following are 7 reasons WordPress rocks!

1. It  is free! In the old days we had to invest several
hundred dollars for a  copy of Dreamweaver. Gone are those
days! WordPress does not cost a  dime. It is perhaps the
most useful piece of Internet software ever  created.

2. Users  do not have to know HTML. No experience is
required. Anyone can create  an attractive and profitable
website in less than a day. The learning  curve is only a
slight bump in the road comared to the moutain that
beginning marketers must climb when learning conventional
web editors.

3. WordPress  is open source. This is great news for users.
Open source means the  code is available for all to see and
create plugins for. Now days there  are thousands of no-cost
plugins that can be added to the installed  software.
Whatever your site's needs are, there is more than likely a
plugin available for each need. Best of all, even most of the
plugins  are free.

4. There  are thousands of themes available. Most are no
cost, but the best ones  do require purchase. I for one find
great value in the purchased themes  since most of them are
much more solid and offer some level of tech  support. But
nonetheless, even at a cost of $50 to $100, the cost of the
theme is very low with respect to the time saved in
customizing the  site.

5. Out  of the box, WP is relatively search engine friendly.
However, with the  addition of a few free SEO plugins, the
WordPress driven site becomes  super search engine friendly.
Here again, the process is extremely  simple compared to the
"old days" when using HTML themes meant  sacrificing search
engine optimization.

6. Because  of the "posting" method used by the software, it
is extremely easy to  add content. New content, pictures, or
videos can be added from any  computer anywhere. In the
past, using a web editor meant almost all the  editing of a
site had to be done while always using the same computer.
Today, it's easy to add pages to you site while waiting in
an airport,  at a relative's house, etc.

Simply put, WordPress Rocks!

About the Author:

WordPress is the best tool for building websites today. Steve
Weber is dedicated to helping beginning online marketers
build their online businesses from home.