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Where Does Innovation Come From?

posted 22 Nov 2010, 08:07 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Nov 2010, 08:08 ]

It really doesn't matter whether you invented radio, wireless
signal, or silly putty, innovators are innovators because
they believe in what they are doing and they won't stop
until it's done. The twentieth century saw the advent of
major physical inventions such as airplanes; societal,
structural inventions such as the assembly line; and the
creation of world-altering theories, such as Albert
Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

The World Wide Web was created in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee.
This resource system has changed the face of business and
communication. Nowadays, some of the most innovative people
are working within digital and using all of its channels to
become major influencers. Influencers are different from
innovators. They may be inventors or they may simply be
people who are able to recognize something that is cool,
smart, or amazing early on, and because of who they are,
they are able to popularise it. Influencers are the trend
setters of the world. They are people who feel comfortable
doing what they're doing and that's what makes them
confident, that's what makes them a leader.

Ultimately innovation comes from crowds; it doesn't come
from eureka moments like some people believe. Today's
technology lets us see the formulation of those ideas more
clearly. Moreover, content is becoming more user-generated.
Encouraging user-generated content has proven to be a
successful marketing technique for those brands selling
products consumers are passionate about and want to engage

How to build innovation into your company structure:

As traditional communication barriers are being broken with
technological advancements, so too should they be broken
within organizations. Building innovation into a company
structure is necessary, although every organization will do
this differently. Some will make it a department, some will
allot their staff a percentage of their work time to work on
whatever they want (Google has done this and it's proven to
be very successful for the company in terms of
product-output), others will encourage it through open
discussions. No matter what, innovation needs to be built
into companies in a real way.

Brain Arthur is the author of The Nature of Technology. He
believes that innovation comes from really understanding
existing technologies. That the more tools we are able to
command the more innovative technological combinations we
are able to come up with. The interesting thing about
innovation in general, but technology specifically, is that
a new one will solve the problem of an old one, but will
also create its own set of problems, and therefore requires
another technology to be invented to solve its problems.
(Drutman Lee, Miller-McCune)

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