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Why Do We Click What We Click?

posted 12 Sept 2010, 11:49 by Mpelembe

If you are on of the thousands of companies or individuals
about to embark into the world of Pay Per Click, be it
Google, Yahoo, or Facebook then you are probably trying to
figure out which of those pesky keywords you should use in
creating your ad. You are not alone. There are people whose
whole career involves finding just the right set of keywords
to get their client a top rank in search engines. Those same
principles of search engine optimization are the backbone of
the pay per click world.

Speaking Someone's Language

Just because you call them tennis shoes doesn't mean that
everyone else does. You need to figure out what everyone
else calls them and how do you do that? What are the ways of
finding that out? Well, that takes the right tools. If you
haven't already, sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. The
tool will provide you with a report that shows you the most
searched terms and compare it against the most clicked terms
for each and every page of your website. If you have it
already then go up to the statistics menu and click on "top
search queries" and you will get a wealth of data that can
help you figure out the right words versus the wrong words.

If we go back to the tennis shoe analogy we can walk through
a sample conundrum. You call them tennis shoes. Kids call
them "sketchers", "kicks", "sneakers", or "trainers". What
once was the common vernacular, "tennis shoes", has changed,
therefore your keywords should change. You need to reflect
back the common vernacular in your keywords. Language is
important and if you want someone to find you versus you
finding them then you need to adopt their language to show
them the way.

There are other tools out there that can give you the
appropriate words for your ad or website, such as
WordTracker. That particular tool will allow you to enter a
general term and spit common key words back at you and rank
them according to popularity.

Strings and Things

One of the more amazing thing about SEO is trying to
understand the strings that people type into the search
field. Sometimes it is not just a word but a phrase that you
need to include. Many times people forget to create common
phrases in their keywords search and this also can lose them
some vital clicks along the way.
Remember to think about how people talk on the street and
utilize that "language" when plotting your advert.

Defer to Experts

Honestly this is an art form. If you have the money to defer
to someone who focuses solely on SEO and ad keywords then do
so. It will save you a lot of time and headaches trying to
figure it out yourself. Put it this way, when you go to
China do you want to carry around a dictionary and a Rick
Steve's or hire an interpreter?

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