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Lost your pet zebra? Chicago scientist can find it for you
Love Hurts - If You're A Male Capuchin Monkey
Low energy light meets high design
Lunar probes to crash into cliffs
Luxury Driverless Concept Car Offers View To The Future
Mac App Store Downloads Top One Million in First Day
Machine to Machine Technology Adoption set to Explode by 2015, but are we Ready?
Mac or PC ?
Macworld 2011 Announces Lineup of Featured Artists Taking Apple Technology to New Heights
Made In London dolls show 3D potential
"Magic Box" Helps Children Learn Modern Technologies
Magnet cooker puts new spin on 'off-the-grid' living
Magnetic soap could suck up oil spills
Magnetic therapy helps stroke patients regain speech
Make Free Calls With Your Android Phone
Make Your Own Electricity
Malawi to manufacture antiretroviral drugs with $390 factory
Male Birth Control Experiments Entail Gold Injections Into Testicles
Male Lyrebirds Get Their Rhythmic Groove On At Mating Time
Man dies after collapsing in court
Man Implants ‘Invisible Headphones’ In Ears
Man-Made Underwater Noise Pollution Disturbs Whales
Mars One Contracts With Lockheed Martin For Robotic Mission On Mars, Aiming To Establish Human Colony By 2025
Mars rover "Curiosity" primed for launch to Red Planet
Massive DDoS Attack Explained
MasterCard Launches MoneySend™ for BlackBerry Smartphones
May the DROID be With You: Limited Edition DROID™ R2-D2™ by Motorola Lands on Verizon Wireless' Network
Mechanical Carp Takes Marine Robotics To New Depths
Medical ‘Welding Torch’ To Spell The End Of Surgical Scars?
Mega Monday - online Xmas sales soar
Megaupload founder gets internet access
Merkel, Erdogan open world's largest computer fair in Hanover
Mesolens brings 3D detail to microscopy
Methods That Are Always Effective For Local Business Promotion
Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim to finance online classes for Mexican students
Mexico Monarch Migration Sees Lowest Numbers In Twenty Years
Microneedle Patch A Painless Way To Deliver Vaccines
Microsoft Brings Games on Demand to the Web With New PC Game Store
Microsoft CEO criticized for suggesting women not ask for raises
Microsoft expects to ship 350 million Windows devices in 2012
Microsoft Previews "Windows 8"
Microsoft To Buy Nokia's Handset Business For $7.2 Bln
Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8
Micro-Windmills To Power Your Cell Phone
Mind-controlled aircraft no longer unthinkable
Mind-machine researchers get leg up from cockroach
Mining Jacket A Wearable Warning System For Workers Underground
MIT Develops Guide Drone To Ease Campus Confusion
Mitsubishi Electric Launches World's First Large-scale OLED Screen
Mobile apps developers battle it out at annual competion in Kenya
451-500 of 976